Here are 5 reasons why businesses should use conferencing services:

1.    Audio Conferencing completely eliminates geographic disparity – meet instantly with people in your organization, partners, clients, or prospective customers. With reservationless conferencing, you can e-mail, text or IM a number and access code from your Blackberry or other PDA and participants can join instantly.

2.    Web Conferencing improves productivity in research and development – R&D departments in the biotech, physical science, product development or marketing industries can benefit the most from using web conferencing.  The widespread introduction of conferencing and collaboration tools over the past few years has helped organizations improve research and development among team members by bringing employees in separate locations together to collaborate on projects in real-time, greatly boosting operational efficiency. Countless organizations have benefited from this technology and seen time-to-market improve, resulting in competitive advantages not enjoyed before, reduced R&D costs, and quicker ROI.
3.    Audio Conferencing offers mobile proximity – anybody with a mobile device can participate in audio conferences – regardless of their location.

4.    Audio Conferencing boosts sales – any company with multiple offices needs to have management tools in place to meet with branches on a regular basis. Having regularly scheduled calls with sales staff helps to uniformly disseminate information and encourage organization.  It also keeps senior management informed on the sales activities as they are happening and gives them a chance to act on accounts before they are possibly lost.  The best organization leaders personally make it a point to keep in regular contact with the field sales organization and it shows in the results.

5.    Conferencing improves corporate communication – the biggest difference between companies that grow successfully and those that do not is the ability to convey a sense of togetherness and corporate culture that is inspired from a set of values, such as “thought leadership”, “customer-centric” and “caring”.  Organizations that keep their main cultural values at the forefront do so by regularly communicating with their remote and regional offices. Audio conferencing and web conferencing are two of the simple ways to accomplish widespread communication instantly.

To learn more about the business justifications and overall effect conferencing has on business, check out “A study of trends, costs and attitudes towards business travel and teleconferencing”

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