Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when creating a PowerPoint for Webinars

  1. Use more images and less text. You know how they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” …well that applies to PowerPoint as well. If you’re trying to trigger an emotion in your audience, a visual will more surely do it than words.
  2. Use large font (I’m talking 26 point minimum). Not only is it easier to read – but it has more impact…think about newspaper headlines…THINK BIG!
  3. Graphs are great – but keep them simple — and big. There’s nothing worse than a graph that is too small, has hard to read text on it, then disappears before you can digest what it was trying to tell you.
  4. Don’t have your talking points on your slides. Have your talking points in your notes (which the audience can’t see). Your notes should add color to the message on the slide – like maybe an interesting example.
  5. Don’t put your logo/URL/phone number on every slide – because you’ll look like you’re selling, selling, selling – which is not comforting to your audience. Having them on the first and last slide will do the job.

And one final tip for good measure, don’t have your first slide a big long bio about the speaker, nothing can start off your webinar on the wrong foot then to bore the audience to death about how many schools you went to, how many jobs and titles you’ve had, etc. etc…you get the point.

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