Here are six different types of webinar series summaries from actual companies that were successful at achieving their objectives.


Small Products Company Positions in Marketplace – a small products company wanted to cost-effectively position itself in a defined marketplace and generate new names in its database with opt-in email addresses.  So it collaborated with complementary vendors and media firms and created an ongoing webinar series.  The company was able to achieve its objective, including creating a list of 40,000 emails and names and also followed up with more product-focused webinars, which fueled the growth of the company.

Quarterly Thought-Leadership Webinars for a Services Firm – a small services firm wanted to get behind its leading service offering and demonstrate its expertise by featuring the full range of its services offerings in the marketplace.  It created a quarterly webinar series targeting decision-makers and was able to add new clients and broaden the positioning of the company to successfully diversify its portfolio of offerings in the market.


Monthly Product Webinars Help Create 10 Sales Opportunities per Month – a technology products firm wanted to drive sales opportunities for its various products so it started a webinar series, rotating a different product every month. It held educational events with a light product introduction.  The webinars were marketed to its own in-house file and select external lists, and they successfully created an average of over 10 sales opportunities for the company per webinar in a series that went on successfully for years.

Affiliate webinar leverage limited budget – a company in a competitive space did not have a large marketing budget but was able to create an affiliate program and pay generous commissions to those affiliates who helped promote the company’s offerings back to their lists.  It created one webinar that it repeated to the lists of different affiliates and built a company of over 6,000 clients who pay a monthly fee.

Customer Loyalty and Education Programs

Quarterly Update Webinars for Financial Services Firm – a financial services firm wanted to keep its clients up-to-date during the market turbulence of 2008-2009 so it created a quarterly webinar series exclusively for its customers.  The result was a retention rate of over 99% of clients and a savings of an estimated 10 hours per client in individual account management time.  The firm reports, in part due to its ability to provide timely, rich information to all its clients in an effective manner, that client loyalty is at an all-time high in an industry where distrust and dissatisfaction are rampant.

Products Firm Helps Clients Get More from New and Existing Features – a growing technology firm with expanding products with a small customer service department wanted to limit the number of individual service calls and also increase usage of its primary product.  It started a weekly “tech-talk” webinar series held every Thursday and simply covered the most pressing topic each week.  Years later, the firm has an incredible library of training recording and continues to educate its clients on how to get more out of its products.

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