A webinar, or web conferencing, is a great marketing tool enabling real-time, collaborative discussions where both the presenter and participants share or receive virtual materials. It is cost-effective, convenient, and reaches a range of participants wider than physical, in-person seminars. Since the stretch of your webinar depends on your marketing efforts, here are some useful tips on using social media to increase webinar attendance:

  1. Create a press release. Developing a newsworthy press release is a great content marketing strategy to create buzz (i.e. blog posts and news articles) that can improve your brand image and raise hype towards the event. Make the most out of it by including educational content and strategized keywords so it’s indexed by search engines. Remember, good marketing means informing and making your target attendees knowledgeable about your webinar so they could make informed decisions about virtually attending your event.
  2. Create a short, creative summary of the webinar. Write a short yet strong summary of the webinar and develop attractive visual materials (i.e. images, videos and brochures) as support to catch people’s attention, inviting them to click on the embedded link for the complete information.
  3. Distribute it. Target the right attendees by particularizing your target audience. List a good directory considering people’s job titles, specialties, industries, and even geography. Utilize email marketing and other sources afterwards to distribute invitations and/or press releases to drive webinar registrations.
  4. Promote the webinar in social media, blogs, and forums. Connect to your target audience and garner attendees using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, by sharing the marketing materials you developed. These online sites offer various promotional tools that will give your webinar exposure like public event invitations, creating event pages, and posting targeted ads. Add blogs and forums to the mix to generate public interests and start conversations.
  5. Post the webinar in various webinar free directories. Establish credibility and improve the visibility of your webinar by posting it across free online event sites and webinar listing sites.
  6. Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” in all marketing efforts. Showcase the purpose and objectives of your webinar – make it very clear to the public. Entice them by presenting the perks and benefits they’ll get out of the event. Emphasize why they “need” to join and its effectiveness specific to the subject matter.

Drive your webinar to its success by focusing your time on developing a strong agenda, handpicking qualified speakers, and marketing your event to increase registration and attendance. Leave the rest of preparations to ConferTel’s managed webinar service to ensure a polished, error-free webinar.


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