As any event planner knows, getting people to commit to attend is one of the toughest aspects of event planning so most of their time is spent marketing the event.  Webinar planning is no different.  One of the easiest ways to promote your webinar is by placing in on a bunch of online calendars.  Each month, I spend a whole day posting our in-house webinars to various websites.  I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites.  Hope they help! – nice dashboard to manage multiple events and it’s pretty easy to cut and paste the details of each event.  I also like that there is no limit to the amount of text you can include and photos can be uploaded. – this is a really slick, professional site, although you are a bit limited on the amount of text you can include.  It also has a dashboard to view all of your events and it also shows the number of recommendations and the click-through rate for each ad. – events posted to this site are emailed via “newsletter” each day to subscribers.  This isn’t one of my favorite calendars for a few reasons: 1) events aren’t searchable, 2) you have to fill out a form to enter the “posting section” of the site each time which is a drag if you are posting multiple events, and 3) a really annoying video automatically plays each time you visit the home page AND the posting page. – this is one of my favorite sites because I can just cut and paste the HTML code from my email invitation directly into their form.  It won’t recognize images, though so be sure to remove them before you hit the submit button. – the only thing I don’t like about this site is that you can’t preview your ad before submitting it. – this site is easy-breezy to submit events for, but like eventspan, there is a limit to the amount of text you can enter.  We’ve received really good results from this one, though.

Finally, don’t forget Facebook and LinkedIn.  You can create events that are open to the public or invite-only.

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