Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your audio conference call.

Using  the name announcement feature, where the system announces who has joined the call, can be really useful – but only for small calls. With a large number of participants, some will come late, some will potentially leave early, and you don’t want their names being announced and interrupting the call for everyone else.

Many conferencing platforms have an online viewing feature which allows you to see who is on the call while its in progress. This avoids the name announcement issues for larger groups.

This online viewing feature should also give you the ability to mute or even terminate a participant. The muting feature is particularly useful when you have a lot of participants. There is nothing worse than background noise or ‘music on hold’ playing into the conference. The ability to mute and unmute is usually also available on the phone keypad of the moderator.

Now not all of these features are available from all providers – so do your homework and make sure to pick one that will accommodate your needs.

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