Virtually all conferencing providers offer a recording feature which allows you to record your conference call. Recordings are digital and usually accessible via a toll-free number.

What you’re looking for in Recording and Replay functionality is:

  • Being able to start recording at any time during a conference call.
  • Having control as you record – by pausing and resuming recording.
  • You should also be able to use your touch-tone phone to start and end recording.
  • Playback is usually over the phone – with the listener having control using touch-tone commands on their phone keypad – including start, stop, rewind and fast forward.
  • You should also be able to save your recording as an audio link to be downloaded to your computer for permanent access.

In addition to the telephone, the  Audio file can be listened to on any MP3 player, including iPhones – or directly from your computer using iTunes, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

You can even save your recording to a CD for a permanent archive.

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