Steps in Preparing a Successful Webinar


It’s important to know how much you are going to spend before you spend it.  You don’t want to get halfway through the PLANning process only to realize you have run out of money.  On the other hand, you also need to set an income goal so that you know how much profit you need to receive from your paid webinars to make it worth your while.  You should consider the cost per person as well as per event extras, such as:
•    Speaker Fees
•    Reporting Fee
•    Recording Fee
•    Audio/Video Fees
•    Copywriting
•    Equipment Set-up/Rental
You’ll also want to add one-time expenses such as software and equipment purchases.


Choosing the right speaker is critical to the success of your webinar.  While it’s not important to have a well-known person doing the presenting, it is important to have someone who is knowledgeable and credible doing the presenting.  Presenting material to an audience takes a lot of thought and preparation. Work with your speaker to set the objectives of the webinar – is it education? training? lead generation? What is it you want your audience to get from your presentation? Then move backward in the process: from the desired result toward how to get there. As you do the ’high level’ thinking, determine what is going to get the audience to pay attention to your content and then take the desired action.

Promo Ideas

You’ll need an audience if you expect your webinar to be a success.  First, comb through your own email database to see if anyone would be a good attendee prospect.  You can also partner with a similar organization, the speaker (if you’re working with an outside presenter) or vendor to see if they have an additional email address you can send to.  Utilize social media – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc – to get the word out.  You can also try posting your event to the free event listing websites mentioned on this blog a few weeks ago or creating a pay-per-click campaign to attract attendees.  Bottom line, get creative!  The more attendees you have at an event, the more success you will have.


Another key component to building a successful webinar is a seamless registration process.  What is it that you are actually going to do with the information?  For example, name, company web site, email and phone number are often the critical points for a lead. Don’t ask for any more than you absolutely have to. Be sure not to include too many outbound links which will distract/lose your visitors, and prevent sign-ups.  You want to keep them focused.

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