Here are four more reasons why businesses should use conferencing services:

Conferencing speeds training and education

Organizations spend a lot of money training new employees about company and industry information, internal policies, procedures, and methodologies. Many industries such as education, legal, real estate, technology, manufacturing, and accounting require ongoing training in order to maintain current standards in their respective industries. Audio and web conferencing are indispensable training tools that can help any organization accomplish their e-learning initiatives. Companies that utilize this technology save thousands – sometimes hundreds of thousands – of dollars in savings from travel, accommodations, meals, gratuities, and air-fare. Instead of losing several hours (at best) with flight time, your employee is able to return to work instantly.  The company that utilizes these communications tools effectively trains their workforce more efficiently, save money, and boost productivity at the same time.

Web Conferencing improves your internal marketing initiatives

Companies with the ability to roll out new products in unison to a geographically disparate workforce have a greater chance of success because they are able to introduce new offerings in a clear, concise manner and in a positive fashion to everyone at the same time.  The roll-out is the marketing organization’s best time to convey vitally important differentiators to the internal sales team.  This is important because differentiators are what help products stand out in a highly competitive market.

Conferencing improves the external marketing initiative

Similar to the internal benefits listed above, the same benefits apply to external customers. Audio and web conferencing solutions let a sales force introduce new offerings easily without geographic limitation. Retention and service personnel within a company can use the same conferencing and collaboration tools to introduce new products, conduct account reviews, and keep connected with vital decision-makers in an organization. Since sales is all about relationships, keeping those relationships active is vital to protecting a customer base and maintaining contact with the most important positions.  And for companies relying on an indirect channel, frequent communication is of paramount importance when driving productivity. Effective presentations done in an entertaining way is the best method to stimulate channel partners into pushing your product and not your competitors.

Conferencing will save money, boost productivity and is good for the environment

Whether success is measured by hard dollar savings in travel, meals, accommodations, entertainment, or soft dollar savings in areas like boosted productivity, increased sales, and better messaging, organizations will save money.  Furthermore, conferencing lessens the carbon footprint of an organization.  Instead of consuming more fuel, conferencing adopters are making a socially-responsible decision that lessens the impact on the environment.  Less travel = less fuel = better for the environment.

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