Fully Managed Webinars

I mentioned last week that when it comes to hosting a webinar, there are a number of things you need to consider including payment processing, sending reminder emails and managing the call.

Did you know that ConferTel offers a Fully Managed Webinar Solution? You can deliver cost-effective training, seminars and online classes with ConferTel’s professionally managed webinar service. ConferTel handles every aspect of webinar production for a flawless delivery.  Simply determine the topic of interest and ConferTel will take care of the details including:

  • Online registration
  • Payment processing
  • Attendee reminders
  • Presenter training
  • Phone and web presence
  • Post-seminar surveys
  • On-demand replay

Webinars are a great way to generate revenue especially for associations that are looking to generate non-dues revenue. You decide the amount of the fee, while the charge per registrant is fixed. ConferTel looks after all the administration, so you can relax and focus on the content while we handle the technology and production, a great solution for companies and organizations with limited staffing resources.

In addition, with ConferTel’s per-participant fee structure, there is no financial risk or obligation. ConferTel retains a fixed portion of the registration fee collected from each attendee which covers all costs associated with the e-Learning or online webinar, meaning you never write a check. After the webinar, ConferTel will provide you with a detailed reconciliation and a check for the total proceeds, less the per-registrant fee.

For more information, visit ConferTel’s FAQ’s page or download a Fully Managed Webinar brochure.

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