It is interesting that we are pretty diligent in making sure our passwords we use for accessing personal logins and information over the internet is extremely secure and we continue to monitor and modify our passwords to avoid someone hacking us, but do we use the same security measures for our confidential conference calls?

Think about how often you have a regularly scheduled conference call using the same passcode for everyone to enter. If an employee leaves the company do you change the passcode?  Do you know who is on each and every call?  Probably the answer is going to be “well, I think so.” I’m going to give you a few best practice tips to secure your conference calls so that you can have piece-of-mind that only the people who are supposed to be on your calls are actually the ones on them.

Tip #1:   is probably the easiest one to implement with little to no effort on your part.  Make sure your conference passcode is setup with the “roll call” feature turned on.  This will ask each guest to record their name as they enter the conference. Then when people enter you will hear “Bob has entered the conference”.  You can also do a roll call check right before you start your conference call to make sure you recognize each person that you invited.

Tip #2:  If your conference call service provider offers an online visual call manager then you can actually see all the active callers and what number they called from.

Tip #3:  Provide each guest with their own secure and unique passcode to enter the conference; this will make sure that the person you gave it to is the one who is actually using it.  The unique passcodes will only allow one connection so it cannot be shared.  You can have these unique passcodes expire after each conference call or you have keep the same one for multiple uses but it still will only allow one connection per conference call.

Tip #4:  Don’t provide a passcode to guests, but rather dial out to each one and bring them into conference. I know this sounds like a lot of work but with a conference service that offers a quick dial out feature will make it painless.

Tip #5:  Last but not least, always and I can’t stress enough, ALWAYS review your call summary reports.  Your conference call provider should be providing these reports to you after each conference call.  The reports should be detailed enough so that it shows the date, time, a listing of each participant by the phone number they called from and the duration that each participant was on the conference call.

Don’t allow the content of your conference calls get compromised. Follow these simple and easy to use tips concerning security for each and every one of your conference calls to ensure the confidentially of potentially sensitive information from your conference calls.

With ConferTel’s SECURE CONFERENCE CALL SERVICES, you can rest assured that only invited guests are permitted entry and accounted for during your conference calls.

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