This has been a hot topic lately. At ConferTel we are committed to making sure your conference calls are secure and protected. Here are a few quick tips to make maximize security on your confidential and sensitive meetings.
  • Provide every participant with their own unique passkey – each passkey is limited to a single admission or if you choose you can make the passkey unique to the individual but used for each call they are on.
  • Lock your conference – your conference call can be locked at any time by simply pressing a specific number on your telephone keypad.
  • Setup Roll Call –  know exactly who is on the call at any given time. Participants will be instructed to record their name before entering the conference. You can playback the roll call either when each person joins, exits the call, and also on your call summary report simply click a link and it will play the entire roll call.
  • Use a registration page – You can require participants to register for the call to help you manage participant identification and tracking.
  • Dial out to participants – If you have a small audience then don’t provide a dial in number or passcode, simply dial out to your participants through the online call manager.

All these features and more are all available with ConferTel’s Secure Conferencing Service, check it out.

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