Some of the greatest successes with free and paid webinars and marketing events are when a new event is introduced to a responsive, trusting list.  It goes something like this: One firm has a proven event which drives leads and sales and partners with a complementary firm with a customer and prospect list matching the first firm’s ideal customer profile.  The event is promoted to the list and magic happens.

What are some effective strategies for working with others to get more registrants from your existing marketing resources?

Add OPM Lists to your webinar marketing plan

One of the surest ways to recruit buyers to your webinar is to recruit a friendly partner for your webinar who has a relationship with many of your likely customers.  Whether your firm partners with a media firm, recruits a co-sponsor for the webinar, or builds a formal affiliate network, variations on this theme are the surest way to go beyond your in-house email list for more registrants.

Gain Wider Reach with Outside Speaker and Their Lists

Outside speakers can bring many gifts to your webinar party.  They can lend content and credibility that help draw in your audience.  They can also offer their lists to help promote the webinar.  Don’t be bashful about asking your outside speaker to promote the webinar to their list.  In many marketing webinars, the outside speaker can lead the presentation with an overview of issues or best practices and then your speaker follows with specific tactics to solve a problem and introduces the product or service.

Call in marketing dollars or resources from firms with an interest in seeing your company and webinar succeed

Marketing resources come in many forms.  They can include time, people, money and ideas around a webinar.  If you are a distributor of another’s products, they may offer an expert speaker on the products’ usage, money to help promote the event or lists of potential customers.  Understand what core competencies, resources and strengths your company brings to a webinar and partner with others to help fill in the gaps.

Offer it in writing – provide a report, white paper, or checklist as a bonus for registering for your webinar or webinar recording

You may be able to call on high perceived value, low-cost bonuses provided by third-parties.  Bundling a bonus with webinar registration or attendance can offer a minor lift to your members.  For example, a free consultation or evaluation from a services provider or a free trial of a software product would both be potential bonuses to consider for your webinar.

Here are five way of leveraging OPM as part of your webinar program:

  1. Email or post to “friendly” lists
  2. Use outside speakers, and access their lists.
  3. Get marketing dollars or resources from resellers, distributors, complementary sellers, wholesalers, etc.
  4. Use a third-party firm’s report, article, or checklist to bump up perceived value and registrations
  5. Provide a free offer of high perceived value from a third-party firm.

Take these steps to leverage OPM, Other Peoples Marketing Resources for successful webinar marketing.

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