A good webinar series technology platform or a managed webinar service will help ensure your success and save you time and money.  In the early days of webinars, getting 1000 attendees on a platform could be incredibly expensive and you would risk crashing the event. No longer.

The various features webinar series producers look for in the technology include:

  1. A management process that makes it easy to set-up, modify and run with multiple organizers and presenters
  2. The availability to record and have on-demand webinars easily hosted and available within 24 hours of the live event
  3. The capability to do a private pre-call for presenters and mute all attendees and also open up the phone lines for audio questions as desired by the presenters, along with the ability to allow attendees to raise hands, ask questions and participate in chat
  4. A cost a technology model that makes it easy to present to 10 attendees or scale to 1000 attendees
  5. An ability to see who is present and attentive on the webinars
  6. The capability for robust interaction, including online chat, text questions, pre-planned and ad hoc polling questions and post-webinar surveys
  7. The capacity for the speakers to share their desktop, slides and different files, applications or web pages

Different organizations will have different technological requirements, but we have found that generally, video for webinars is not a high value-add for most presentations, especially if you just want to show “talking heads.”

Most webinar series solutions provide their own registration management functionality.  You will want one that provides “one-click” access to the registration form and helps convert about 50% off invitation click-throughs to registrants for a free webinar.

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