how to make effective email invitationsWebinar email invitations are used by many webinar hosts, marketers, and companies as a promotional strategy with a single goal, which is to drive webinar registrations. This strategy is very critical to the success of a webinar, as studies proved that 70%-76% of webinar registrations are actually driven by email invitations. To make your target attendees see its value and convince them to register, the content of your email must be attention-grabbing with a sense of urgency and it should hit an emotional cord within its readers. Follow these simple yet effective tips to make your webinar invitation more compelling:

  1. Right List of Recipients. Remember that it doesn’t really matter how well written and compelling your invitation is if you don’t distribute it to the right recipients. Only add the ones who are already interested in your topic. You can easily identify them by industry, job title, company size, pain points, and even the related webinars they’ve previously attended.
  2. Image Banner. A great way to establish the quality of your webinar at initial glance is by developing riveting image banners for your email invitations. So make sure that you use a well-edited image with high resolution and strong over-laying texts showing the attendee’s primary benefits. Image banners are also useful as a click-through tool. You can hyperlink the image directing them to your homepage or registration page.  You can also edit in a picture of your speaker, especially if they’re well-renowned.
  3. Personalized Greetings. Utilize an email service provider that allows you to personalize your email invites, incorporating your recipients’ names. To add more attention grabbing elements, you can “personalize” your heading as well. This means that instead of marketing your product or service, make a personal connection and relate to them about the problems they might have, to give an emphasis on the solutions that you or your company may offer.
  4. Concise Body Text. Long paragraphs are visually boring which people often don’t find appealing. Write your selling points concisely in bullets to illustrate your point in plain sight, and briefly explain how your event is going to benefit them in relation to their interests. Showcase the credentials of your speakers to position your webinar as a valuable opportunity for a virtually high quality learning experience, and to make people feel they’re being given a chance to connect with expert speakers – not just a mean of sales. If you are hosting an international event, it is also helpful to the recipient if you include a time zone converter in your email.
  5. Call-to-Action (CTA).  Encourage immediate response by creating a stand out graphic CTA button at the end of your text that would take your prospect attendees to your webinar landing or registration page. However, some people have the email image blocking feature activated which eliminates image CTA buttons. So, proactively add standard text CTAs in your webinar invites as well, i.e. “Register Now” or “Sign Up Today”.

Webinars are paramount in today’s marketing world. More businesses try to lure people towards their products or services through these virtual events – just imagine how many email invites people receive in a week! While adopting the aforementioned best practices can make your webinar stand out among the rest, using a good webinar marketing service can also solve your pre-webinar problems like email invites in a breeze, like Webinar Ignite!

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