reasons why a webinar is a great marketing toolThroughout the years, webinars showed remarkable benefits in the world of marketing. In fact, 73% of marketers admittedly say that it is the best marketing tool to generate high quality leads, and roughly 57% of them are motivated to organize more this year. So, what makes a webinar an invaluable marketing tool?


Webinars are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools today. It enables you to reach and target audiences on a global scale without spending big bucks. Sure, you still have to invest time and hard work to ensure a successful webinar, but it’s not as laborious as organizing physical seminars or conferences. Plus, its production cost is very cheap and you can even earn from it!

Generates Leads

People sign up to webinars when they have strong intent and see your brand or company as authoritative on a subject. Webinars allow you to find and convert those people into sales leads, and open nurturing opportunities throughout the purchase cycle.

Engages Audiences

Unlike other marketing content such as blog posts and e-books, webinars promote two-way conversations in real time, which enables you to address questions instantly. It offers a unique interactive experience through webinar features like poll, chat, and Q&A. The audience engagement that webinars bring to the table opens a huge audience expansion opportunity as well as customer retention.

Establishes Authority

Hosting webinars establishes authority and credibility to your company. Presenting solutions to problems that your audience are dealing with highlights your expertise and boosts company reputation. This strategy builds trust among your prospects, eventually attracting them to purchase your products and services. Webinars also make you a resource of information, creating backlink opportunities that will build your web-visibility.


A webinar is the perfect marketing tool for showcasing a variety of impactful audio/video content to a live audience. Webinars also enable you to effortlessly repurpose marketing topics and content in a more impactful manner. With the right webinar provider, you will surely pull off a successful web event – be it product launches, demonstrations, trainings, or academic.

A webinar is indeed a must-have in marketing across industries – software and technology, financial services, education, healthcare, and retail among many others. However, its success highly relies on how you prepare, format, and promote your webinar to drive attendance.

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