Lead-generation Webinars or even paid webinars, while typically managed as a marketing project, require input from multiple departments in an organization. In smaller organizations, that may be just one person wearing many hats. But to be effective, it is important that stakeholders or functional areas have input.

Here are three steps to assembling a highly empowered cross-functional team:

  1. Assign a dedicated project manager to the Webinar initiative. The project manager will be accountable for the campaign but will do so with the support and participation of all organizational stakeholders.
  2. The first stakeholder to get on board is an executive sponsor. The sponsor will lend credibility to the project and be instrumental in providing an executive perspective to the team’s efforts. The executive sponsor will most likely be the head of sales or the head of marketing.
  3. With the buy-in and support of the sponsor, the project manager is charged with assembling the members of the cross-functional team. The most likely participants to recruit for the team are: Marketing Communications, Product Marketing/Product Management (if applicable), Sales (including account management if a different department), Finance and Customer Service

In small organizations, all these functions may actually be the responsibility of one person.

This team will define the goals of the Webinar. This includes agreeing among the various representatives the exact definition of a lead and what process to use to route leads to the sales department.

Next, the team needs to develop a framework for this and future lead-generation campaigns.  The framework will serve as a step-by-step road map to develop and manage the Webinar.  At the end of the program the team will measure results and give themselves a report card:

  1. How many leads were captured?
  2. What percent of registrants attended? (For live events only.)
  3. How much other content was accessed or downloaded?
  4. How effective were promotional/media sources? Did partners pull through? Was third-party media worth the investment?
  5. How many sales conversations were initiated by the Webinar?
  6. What worked and what didn’t?

A well-formed cross-functional Webinar project team will help any size organization foster closer collaboration between the sales and marketing departments.

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