As more and more businesses migrate to using virtual platforms for communication, they face an inherent risk that comes with the convenience – making sure that only the invited people are on the call. Choosing a top-notch conferencing service that can guarantee the security of conference calls is of utmost importance, considering that online conferencing can be used for board meetings, financial reporting, marketing and strategic planning, or even legal discussions for remote participants. These types of meetings that discuss highly sensitive or confidential content demand more than the typical permanent passcode that can be reused. For the utmost confidence of your calls, ConferTel’s conference call services have the following customizable tools and security measures in place:

Online Registration

Registration pages can be tailored to bear your company branding, where you can require and track participants who would register online. It can be accessible through a link that can be displayed on a web page or sent through email. Every time a participant signs up, moderators of the call will receive an email detailing the registration.

Unique Passkeys

Much like an identification card in the real world, our exclusive Unique Passkey feature lets you assign each participant a unique PIN. Each caller has their own passkey and they are tracked and identified with their details logged in on our online Call Hub Pro monitor as well as the post-conference call summary report. These PINs can be permanent, semi-permanent, or single event use only per participant.

Dial Out Capability

If you are uncomfortable with distributing a phone number and passcode credentials, dialing out to a participant is another option to maintain privacy and security. By dialing out, you avoid having to share your access codes and have full control of their entry in the call. While dialing out would seem to require quite a lot of effort, ConferTel offers a painless quick dial out option. It is also toll free and can be used for domestic or international calls.

Online Call Monitoring

Call Hub Pro, our online call monitoring platform, has a pre-conference call monitoring feature that ensures that the essential people are present before the important meeting starts. This platform enables the identification of call participants based on registration, surveys, and polling. It can also be used for prioritization and queueing during Q&As. Last but not least, with Call Hub Pro, you can also lock your conference calls online as well as through a telephone key press.

Roll Call

Participants will be instructed to record their name before entering the call. You can then get a playback of all participant names and know who is on the call at any given time. Roll Call can be customized as hearable by everyone in the call or by moderators only. It is also archived and available in the post-conference call summary report.

Post-Conference Call Summary Report

After every conference call, a summary report will detail each participant: the telephone number they called from, how long they were on the call, as well as their entry and exit times. With the post-conference call summary report, you can make sure that every participant is accounted for.

There you have it! These features eliminate the risk of unwanted guests and ensures that your calls are secure. With ConferTel, your calls are protected and you can meet with confidence.

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