If you’re not really familiar with the different types of webinars, the terminology can be confusing.  We all know that webinars can be used for different purposes – for example lead generation, training and revenue generation – but there are really only two types of webinars: Paid and Sponsored.

Two Types of Webinars

Paid Webinars

Simply put, a Paid Webinar is one where the attendance fee is collected from the attendee – much like they would for an in-person workshop, seminar or class.  Applications include:

  • Online Education for students
  • Education for association members
  • Training programs for professional development

Sponsored Webinars

The attendance fee for a Sponsored Webinar is paid by the organizing host and participants attend free of charge.  Applications include:

  • Employee Training
  • Sales presentations/demonstrations
  • Product-related “how-to” seminars
  • Briefings on the latest trends affecting your customers/members
  • Updates on new technologies
  • New ideas for dealing with industry issues
  • Product promotion through a lecture series

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