ConferTel adds enhanced security to its OmniPresent web conference platform

We are very excited to announce a security integration enhancement for confidential conference calls and online/web meetings.  Our exclusive security feature assigns a permanent, semi-permanent or single event Passkey to each participant. Unique and limited to a single admission, Secure Passkeys ensure the highest level of privacy for your mission-critical meetings by eliminating the risk of intrusion and eavesdropping.

All virtual meetings, whether via phone or web conference,  present an inherent security risk due to use of a shared passcode or password.  Secure Passkeys assigns a unique identifier and restricts access to specifically invited guests.  Invitations and reminders can be auto-enabled or (semi) permanent passkeys can be used for ad hoc or recurring meetings.  Think of how many people have had access to your conference room (clients, suppliers, employees….former employees, competitors, etc.). It would not be a stretch to find your passcode advertised on the web. 

By integrating our Secure Audio Conferencing with OmniPresent Web Conferencing, you can be assured that your meetings and intellectual property will remain secure and confidential.

Learn more about ConferTel’s Secure Conferencing Service and Web Conferencing Service.

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