Do you just want to make a conference call and not have to earn a degree in telecommunications in order to get it done? I know, right? Traditionally setting up and making conference calls has been a huge hassle or production. There’s the dial in number, a passcode, international numbers….and the beat goes on.
At ConferTel, we want to make your conferencing experience to be as simple as possible. Therefore, we give you the “simple conference call” solution. Hang tight we are going to blow you away with these features you probably didn’t even know existed.

  • Can’t remember you passcode? No problem, with Auto-Join you simply dial your toll-free conference number and the caller ID will recognize you are the host by the phone number you dialed from (this is previously set up) and will automatically connect you without having to type in your passcode.
  • Do you occasionally participate or host conference calls while you are driving in the car? No problem, with the Hands-Free feature you can keep your eyes on the road by just saying your passcode and you will get connected to the conference call.
  • Need to write a summary of the call? No problem, with one keypad command you can order a written Transcription of your call and it will automatically get transcribed and sent to you within just a couple of days.

These are just a few of the features that our simple conference call service provides. Check out some of the other cool features offered or give ConferTel a call and we can provide you with more details.

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