What are the key steps to creating and delivering a winning webinar series?  Here are the top ones:

Refine Your Webinar Series Summaries

Start by understanding the summary of your webinar series to help promote it (those few words or sentences that describe the benefits and overview of your events.)  By summaries, we mean a version for internal audiences in your company, as well as a version of what a prospect would learn by attending all of your events as part of a series.  For external audiences, this is sometimes referred to as a marketing abstract.

Expand Your Webinar Marketing Plan

Generally, the wider your reach and narrower your focus, the more registrants you will get for an event or series.  And remember, people usually sign up for individual events first and foremost, so having a wide reach and big webinar early in the series will lead to more attendees for the entire series.  Reaching more potential attendees is, however, just one part of your marketing.  Drive-up email opens and click-throughs on your invitations with hot topics for your audience, wining subject and headlines and copy which calls your target audience to action by getting them to register now!

Create Better, Unique Content at Your Next Webinar

A simple way to improve your marketing is to improve your conversion rate, (opens to registrations).  Think of your content as your draw.  In individual sports like golf, boxing or tennis, if the top stars are playing that day, it is easier to get those who see your invitation and advertising to come to the event.  So remember the webinar topic and the supporting content are the biggest factors in driving attendance once a prospect sees the invitation.  Ideally, you should offer timely, valuable and interesting “must-see” content as judged by your audience and make sure to promote that in your marketing.

Manage Each Webinar to Be Successful on Its’ Own

Many webinar series producers think if a series of weak events are strung together they can be a success by wrapping a theme around them and calling them a series. Simply manage each webinar event to be successful on its own and after a series of successful events, you will have a smashingly successful series. It also pays to have a managed webinar service to help you arrange these events and ensure that they turn out great.

Build on Success by Recombining Successful Components

With a webinar series, there are a lot of critical parts, like the marketing plan, invitation coy, speakers, topics, content, and follow-up plan.  A series offers you the opportunity to eliminate risk in future events through re-using proven elements.  For example, many webinar producers will think a very successful marketing list or speaker cannot be repeated within a series.  However, the opposite has actually proven to be true.  Leveraging effective elements and recombining the mixture of successful components will put you on the path to a successful series.

Convert Registrants to Results

Just hitting your goals of garnering large registration numbers is not enough to make a webinar series successful.  Remember to turn registrant into attendees and attendees into customers.  And to do so, these numbers should be managed and measured.  In addition, a webinar series is never created in a vacuum.  Leverage the attention and interest you have among your attendees and viewers and convert them to sales opportunities or customs with a multi-step and automated follow-up program.

Creating a Learning Loop for Continuous Improvement

Webinars by their very nature allow for monitoring, collecting data and feedback iteration and improvement.  Whether you have just completed your pilot webinar or your 25th, recognize you can learn from what went right and wrong from each event.  Once you complete each webinar, evaluate what worked, what did not and why.  Take this valuable learning into your next webinar or promotion.  It is in this way that you will “climb the learning curve” and begin to tap the massive potential power of a webinar series for your organization.

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