During the past 10 to 15 years a marketing revolution has taken place.  In a world of 24/7 media and Web 2.0, users of the old, tried and true marketing strategies aren’t successful.  However, those individuals who are early adopters or fast-followers of new technologies, such as webinars, will gain more sales leads and clients, retain more members and employees and potentially a competitive advantage.

Case in point:

A technology products firm became the leader in its’ niche and grew sales 70% per year over consecutive year by creating a webinar series which included more product-focused webinars, which in turn fueled the compound growth of the company.

By working with complementary vendors and media firms to create a monthly webinar series, this small products company was able to cost-effectively position itself in a defined marketplace and generate 40,000 new contacts in its’ marketing database with opt-in email addresses.

Another case in point:

A geographically dispersed communications management firm with clients in Europe and North America repositioned itself around a rising global trend in communications by launching an aggressive webinar series (up to 3/day) and sharing its benchmarking study of market use, issues and management.

By re-launching its’ products and driving thought leadership around this new position, the company has new momentum and greater sales after its’ initial core market stopped growing.

As these two success stories suggest, a webinar series – if done well – can be a game-changing strategy for organizations.  Consider that others have used webinar series to:

  • Launch a product, service or company
  • Move a product, service or company to a new market
  • Reposition a company in the marketplace
  • Generate more sales leads, opportunities, and sales
  • Transform the way a company communicates with its’ clients
  • Turn training into a profit center or company asset.

While a single webinar can offer significant benefits to your company, it’s important to create and manage your webinar series appropriately to ensure you reach your organizational goals. You can even get a managed webinar service so you can get all the help you need from registration to the automated certificates.

Stay tuned as we explore further, how best to create a winning webinar series.

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