If you’re a sales professional looking for a new way to generate leads, you might want to think about hosting a free webinar for your prospects.  However, before you begin it’s important that you create an effective follow-up process.

On average, less than 50% of those that register will actually show up to your webinar. But just because someone doesn’t show up doesn’t mean they’re not a good prospect. After all, they took the time to register and intended to spend the better part of an hour with you.

So here is the thing – People buy when they want to buy – NOT when you want to sell (which is all the time). The key is to have a well-planned follow-up process to convert attendees AND non-attendees overtime.

Obviously you should have a phone conversation with everyone that registers unless they advise you otherwise. But understand that very few people express strong interest at the first point of contact with a company. Sometimes it’s the second time, the third, sometimes the seventeenth. You need to have a follow-up program that stretches out at least 12 months – maybe longer depending on the length of your particular sales cycle.

Now the follow-up, just like the webinar itself, needs to be educational in nature. No one wants to be hammered with sales material.  During the webinar you are positioning yourself as a trusted expert – and that positioning needs to carry-on all the way through the follow-up process.

The fact is, you’re not going to sell anything until the prospect is ready. The best you can do is be in the forefront of their mind when the right time comes.

Watch the One Minute Skill Builder – The Sales Webinar Follow-Up Process video

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