We repurposed this excellent white paper from Frost & Sullivan a few months back and I thought I would share some of the highlights:

The pace of change in today’s business environment is faster than ever. New markets, technologies, and opportunities are arising on a daily basis. Current ways of doing business need to be adapted or they will become outdated. Organizations and enterprises have to become agents of evolution to be successful; as victims of evolution they risk failure. With so many dynamics operating in the global economy, Corporate Communications is now more than ever an effective tool to make a company stand out from the pack.

Growing levels of internal and external corporate communications on top of shrinking travel budgets are driving the need for web event solutions. By reinforcing the value of seamless communications, web event solutions are becoming a key enabler of business performance and best practices. New and changing go-to-market models are promoting web event solutions as an effective way to improve the delivery of highly targeted messages to audiences across all industries. Ongoing sales and marketing efforts are expected to strengthen awareness of the effectiveness of web event solutions, and enhanced user friendliness, functionality and integration are likely to become key elements for widespread market adoption.

Smart companies use technology to its fullest potential. The ubiquity of the Web offers avenues to make a message heard, and powerful web events can be a critical tool in a corporate communications arsenal.

In recent years, webcasts have gradually become a widely accepted alternative or complement to traditional face-to-face events, enabling the expanded reach of organizations with geographically dispersed prospects, customers, partners and employees. Business communication has clearly moved forward with webcasting, and with increased audience sizes and longer listening times, it has become a valuable tool for both the B2B and B2C market segments.

Webcasting offers a scalable solution and provides organizations with maximum event coverage at a minimal cost. Where a web conferencing solution generally has a low upfront cost, fees can skyrocket for large events for which customers are charged a per participant fee. Comparatively speaking, webcasting solutions tout a moderate upfront cost, with a low or no per-participant fee, making webcasting an excellent event choice when trying to reach an audience of hundreds or even thousands of participants.

Over time, webcasting has forged its way into virtually every business case – B2B and B2C alike – within every vertical industry, proving to be an effective communication tool for a wide range of applications. With advances in technology, these events have become increasingly compelling and relevant, and present greater value to employees, customers and shareholders. Using webcast technology is an efficient and effective means of communicating targeted messaging to a wide and captive audience.

Check out the whole white paper, “Webcasting: an Essential Ingredient
for B2B Success”

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