First – review the promotional material to see what was promised and get to it as quickly as possible in the presentation.  No matter how interesting your other information might be, it must take a back seat to the material the audience expects to get.

Second – Tell your audience what they are going to learn, then deliver your information in the same order, at the end, summarize what they have just learned.

Third – Over 45 minutes to an hour, people’s attention tends to drift. You need to find ways to repeatedly capture the audience’s attention by:

  1. Using  polling questions and sharing results
  2. Changing your vocal style
  3. Finding interesting photos using a free image finder for your presentation
  4. A teaser for what’s coming up next
  5. Basically anything that will get the audience listening to you again.

Fourth – Make sure you follow-up quickly after the event on any promises you made.  If  you said you would be sending something additional (even if it just a copy of your presentation) – do it that day.

And most importantly – There is no substitute for rehearsal time.  If you don’t recite your entire presentation out loud, you can’t check your timing.  You have to deliver the full presentation before the audience hears it, otherwise you’ll end up fumbling during transitions and looking unprofessional in front of your audience – which pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the webinar right?

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