There are a number of benefits to hosting training webinars.  In a survey conducted for Citrix Online by 1080 Group, respondents were asked to rank a long list of potential benefits of using live online training.  The top three benefits of online training they chose were:

  • Reaching more trainees with the same headcount – Presenters can conduct large and small meetings in user-friendly and appealing forums.
  • Presenting themselves as thought leaders in their industry – Even the smallest organizations can reach distant customers and representatives with valuable training webinars which in effect, “level the playing field” with larger competitors and data gathered from participants allows organizations to respond to ever-changing conditions.
  • Being more effective with their budget – These events can be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing by interested parties including prospects, customers and new members and the best part – content is available around the clock.

In fact, we have two case studies which nicely illustrate the benefits of hosting webinars.

Case Study #1 – Training Sales Representatives Across the Country

A software company that produces educational products help pre-kindergarten through high school students from more than 50,000 schools excel in a variety of subjects.  Their training team at company headquarters is responsible for making sure over 70 regional educational consultants receive important product education and information.  But conducting in-person training at individual sites was impractical and was really expensive to do at their corporate headquarters.

They decided to offer web-based training to provide fast, cost-effective training directly to sales reps at their desk. And by recording the sessions, they were able to offer subsequent ‘on-demand’ learning

They selected a tool for its ease of use and flat-rate structure, which featured sessions accommodating up to 100 participants for a single price.  Their bottom line results Trainers now have fewer travel expenses and the training department has reduced its expenses by 61%

Case Study #2 – Non-Profit Legal Support Organization

A virtual non-profit organization without a physical headquarters helps 80 legal aid programs across the US improve client services through technology.  These programs provide free legal services to millions of low-income and disabled people.

They deliver a range of technology training to help legal aid programs increase their efficiency and optimize their resources.  With limited staff and budget to carry out its broad mission, it needed simple and cost-effective web-based tools for training of widely distributed staff and volunteers. In short they needed to replace in-person day long sessions with a series of webinars.

By replacing their in-person training sessions with a series of 90-minute webinars throughout the year, they delivered 70% more courses and were more effective in educating their members.  Their lawyers received CLE credits without leaving their office or losing billable hours and the organizations’ hard cost savings amounted to $85,000 annually in physical overhead.

But more important than the hard cost savings, was their ability to now provide their national training platform to legal aid programs – their core mission.  These national trainings, which would be cost-prohibitive to conduct in person, have an impact that cannot be measured in dollars alone.

We could cite study after study that illustrates the benefits of conducting online training programs.  But it’s pretty easy to see after just two examples how much many organizations could benefit from moving their training programs online.

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