Consider the following stories about two webinars that helped propel their companies to measurable success.

#1 A niche-market software company identified over 1,000 prospects with specifically defined needs for their product. One of the challenges for this particular software company was finding qualified sales leads for their product which had a very narrow market.  They sell software that tracks and measures courthouse process efficiency – i.e., how much staff and time is required to process 100 uncontested divorce cases.

Their target market was court managers who were facing staffing cuts and were required to justify their headcount.  The company offered a webinar topic about metrics that should be tracked and highlighted the level of efficiency that was being achieved by various staffing levels in courts across the country. They also provided a suggestion for a manual method for tracking efficiency – in Excel.  They closed by mentioning they had an automated solution.

After the webinar, they followed-up attendees and non-attendees, introducing their software solution and moving into ‘sales mode’.

#2 A real estate brokerage identified over 1750 potential homebuyers. A real estate brokerage had a lot of house listings but very few potential buyers so they held a webinar focused on identifying potential homebuyers – both first-time and investors.

Their webinar included statistics that helped to dispel the myth that credit for potential homebuyers was unavailable. First showing that there had never been a better time to buy, they then explained several financing options that were available for government-backed programs that included up to 97% financing.

By positioning themselves as an industry expert, they identified over 1750 potential buyers – and then distributed the leads to their agents throughout their region.


In virtually any industry, webinars can successfully:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Reach and influence decision-makers
  • Position your firm in the marketplace ahead of the competition, regardless of your size
  • Launch a new product or service, or market an existing one to a new market
  • Up-sell or re-sell existing clients

Webinars allow any firm – regardless of size – to demonstrate expertise and establish credibility.

Step by step, over the next few weeks we will explore lead generation webinars and:

  • Take you back to basics – grounding you in successful lead-generation principles
  • Help you avoid the three biggest mistakes that can sabotage your webinar marketing plan
  • Detail the core webinar marketing strategies for your plan
  • Outline the benefits of leveraging OPM (Other People’s Marketing) resources
  • Call you to action with nine easy strategies
  • Offer more resources, including a webinar marketing plan template in the appendices

By following these proven guidelines, your company may also experience sales increases of as much as 70% or more in a single year, driven by leads generated by free or even paid webinars.

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