I wanted to share with you a couple of  suggestions on how to make your webinar invitation more compelling and provide a desire for a prospect to actually take action and register for the event.

The email invitation is obviously very critical to maximizing webinar attendance. The headline needs be attention grabbing, even bordering on controversial.

Next, make sure to spell out  WIIFM (and no, that’s not a radio station).  Before they sign up your prospective audience is asking themselves:  “What’s in It For Me?” – and you have about 10 seconds to answer  that question in a compelling way. Tell them specifically who should attend and what benefit they’ll get from it.

Tell them what they’re going to learn is either going to make them money or save them money – or make them better in some measurable way. If you can translate what they will learn into a potential dollar value – even better. You need to hit an emotional chord…and you need to create urgency.

As far as format is concerned –  you want to do it with bullets and limited images – not boring paragraphs of text.  Including a picture of the speaker makes the webinar seem more real. And make sure you spell out the call to action, if you want them to register put a Register Now button at the top, middle and end of the invitation.

Don’t forget about time zones, remember when planning your webinar set the time that is appropriate and convenient for your anticipated audience.

The invitation is a critical piece. Spend time on it, get input from others, and get it right.

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