“Good webinar management is really about good project management,” says Roger Courville of the 1080 Group.  So keep in mind the best practices of project management in managing resources like time, people, and money effectively and getting a managed webinar service to create a great series of events.

Above all, remember that a winning webinar series is the sum of many very successful events.  A blockbuster event can take your series to the next level, while a weak and poorly managed webinar can set back your entire series.

That said, what are proven strategies to manage a successful series?  Here are six guidelines to keep you on track:

  1. Create and manage a webinar calendar – this calendar should show dates, time, topic and speakers for the upcoming webinars.  Generally, the more time you have before an event, the easier it is to execute your plan.
  2. Improve your marketing plan for each webinar – find ways to expand your marketing plan for each webinar.  For example, one webinar series manager made it a goal to have the key event marketing plans in place for the next quarter before the end of the current quarter.
  3. Yes – lists and invitations do matter – one webinar series goal should be to access outside, responsive email lists full of your target market.  Then build a great list of webinar registrants and viewers for your series.  Improve your ROI form your marketing with better topics and more benefits in your invitations.
  4. Strive for multiple speakers and some unique content for each event – two to four speakers is usually ideal for a 60-minute webinar.  For example, consider a panel webinar where your organization moderates and two to three outside experts present different perspectives on a single issue.  This is the type of content prospects can’t get anywhere else.
  5. Record and promote your webinar recordings – record webinars for both registrants and your own series improvement.  Promote recordings on on-demand content to gain access to new registrants who may want the content but missed the event
  6. Integrate your webinar list with your CRM system – unless you have a process to capture and load webinar registrant and attendee data into your CRM system, you are likely to get little value from the series and follow-up communications.  Remember that your CRM system must have email capabilities so that you can grow and manage your opt-in email list, which then becomes a rich asset created and nurtured by your series.

Follow these simple strategies and a successful webinar series can be yours.

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