There are a number of ways to generate revenue by hosting paid webinars – depending on who you are or what kind of organization you’re in.  Businesses and Associations can use them to generate revenue from paid attendance by hosting an online seminar or course.  Educational programming – including professional development and certification programs – are all much more cost-effectively done via webinar than having everyone travel to a single location.

Why?  Well, there is no travel required – for the attendees or speakers – and this makes it much more cost-effective for everyone involved.  Courses can also be held regardless of size because organizations do not have to pay for meeting rooms, rental equipment, food and beverages, and printed materials like they usually do when offering an in-person seminar.

Here are two examples of companies we have worked with to produce successful paid webinar events.

The first is a company founded by a retired attorney who provides subject-specific information to attorneys practicing in a number of fields.  He offers anywhere from 1-3 webinars a month and the topics range from social media for lawyers, to pension plan management for partners, to recent court decisions affecting the telecommunications field.  He typically charges $200-300 per session – depending on the number of courses a participant registers for at one time.

The result: with several clearly defined audience segments to market to, and specific topics geared towards the interest of those segments, he generated over $10,000 in PROFIT with just four webinars.

The second example is an association that provides education and training programs for its’ members.  The programs are a mix between professional development-type courses and courses offered for license renewal.  They offer 1-2 webinars per month, and charge either $30 or $75 per session, depending on whether or not it is being offered for Continuing Education credits.

The result: with a built-in audience of members, they generated between $600- $2500 in PROFIT per webinar.

To learn more about how you can generate revenue using webinars, watch our latest webinar now.

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