Hosting webinars are essential to a great marketing strategy across different industries worldwide. In fact, 61% of marketers utilize this as a marketing tool today, leading to a significant 20%-40% webinar attendees conversion to sales leads. However, in order to host an effective webinar, you must first familiarize yourself with these different webinar formats to identify what suits your objectives and agenda the most:


This is the most used webinar format as it is the easiest one to prepare. Here, a single presenter discusses the topic in a rehearsed script and answers all questions from the audience by himself. Although this lacks insight variety, many webinars are executed in this format because of its minimal training and coordination needs. Many refer to this as the least engaging webinar format.


If you want to add impact to your webinar while keeping it organized, you can add an interviewer who asks pre-determined questions wherein the speaker gives bullseye answers. This adds a sense of interaction to your webinar while preventing the discussion from going off-topic. Casual, conversation-like presentations also tend to be more engaging than monotonous ones. These encourages your audience to ask questions too. Give the control of the presentation to your guest speaker to help him give the topic justice. It would also be helpful to be able to pass the control to an attendee too for better engagement.

Panel Discussion

A webinar panel discussion is a very engaging format for presenting multiple viewpoints, allowing attendees to take home rich information. The panel consists of experts from different fields presenting differing point of views, with a moderator keeping the discussion on track. This format showcases a variety of perspectives and opinions that touches almost every aspect of the topic, sometimes leading to courteous, informative debates. Hosting webinar panel discussions can be challenging to facilitate though, so it’s beyond important to coordinate and train people prior the actual presentation.


A great way to boost audience engagement is through an interactive webinar. This format lets attendees fully participate in the discussion via facilitated exercises done through various webinar platform features like question-and-answer, polling, and chat. Interaction promotes deeper learning which improves audience satisfaction rates when executed properly. Though keep in mind that the more interactive your webinar is, the more skilled your facilitator should be – someone experienced enough to competently deal with technical difficulties and other possible problems during the webinar.

Choosing the perfect webinar format for your material is crucial to its success. Analyze your topic with full rigor before proceeding to technical preparations and eventually presenting it to a live audience.

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