Which Conference Call Service Should I Use Part 2

Last time, we discussed that at the end of the day, the best conference call service is the service that is flexible and best fits the necessities of your organization. To recap:

  1. The security features of the service provider should be able to attend to the level of security your organization needs.
  2. It should have flexible access options but still with the necessary security features in place.
  3. The service should have versatility when it comes to entry options for participants such as audio conferencing and web conferencing platforms, international access, and mobile entry options for participants that are always on the go.
  4. You should look for a service that offers excellent and reliable guidance and support that is always available, either for operator assistance with navigating calls or live tech support when issues arise.
  5. The service should also have a simple, user-friendly platform that is a cost-effective option aside from operator-assisted calls.

So what other characteristics should you look for in a conferencing service?

Since different organizations have different agendas, the conferencing solutions provider should have a platform with presentation options. It should be seamless in terms of changing not only media-wise but also for shifting control when there are many presenters.

As with any other kind of service, support shouldn’t end after the conference call. A truly reliable service provider should also be able to support all inquiries from how to use the conferencing features to getting a call summary of all participants.

Last but not least, you should choose a service that gives you bang for your buck. All the necessary security, flexibility, reliability and top notch features should be at a suitable price that is worth your business for every call.

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