ConferTel® Launches Closed Captioning System to Enhance ADA and Section 508 Compliance

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) May 02, 2013 ConferTel®, a provider of managed webinars, audio and web conferencing, operator assisted event calls, and on-demand record/replay services, has bridged the gap for people with disabilities with its new closed captioning feature that has been integrated into the company’s web-based broadcast and communications system. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act defines a set of standards intended to allow persons with disabilities to have access to internet and intranet based information and applications.

Because of the new closed captioning feature, ConferTel clients now have a relatively broader reach as even the hearing impaired can gain more insight from client-sponsored webinars and presentations. This broader capability helps assure compliance with Federal law, as well as improving the participation experience.

The new ConferTel® closed captioning feature requires no additional software installation. Furthermore, it is easy to implement. As an added feature, ConferTel’s closed captioning system is compatible with existing firewalls and other security protocols.

With the ConferTel® closed captioning system the text on screen is fully in sync with all the other elements being broadcast. This allows the captioning of dialog during a web conference to be streamed in real time, thus giving hearing impaired participants the freedom and the capability to react and interact with other participants.

Based on initial tests, it is evident that ConferTel’s efforts have become beneficial; those who have had tried out the new closed captioning feature are pleased with its performance. At this point, ConferTel’s decision to become ADA and Section 508 hearing-impaired compliant has delivered positive results. A hearing impaired participant in a ConferTel®-sponsored webinar commented that, “The captioning was outstanding.”

ConferTel® provides technical support specialists during client events to ensure that conference calls, online training sessions, webcasts, and webinars proceed smoothly. The company offers reliable web based solutions that make use of state-of-the-art technology, applicable to both PC and Mac systems, in order to deliver premium services to its customers. ConferTel® also offers full event documentation with synchronized recording and complete transcript files, as well as registration and attendance reports.

To learn more about ConferTel® and their Section 508 compliance services, interested parties may dial 1-866-930-4500 or email ConferTel® at sales (at) confertel (dot) net.

About ConferTel

ConferTel, a Civicom company, is a leading provider of Webinar and Online Event services to a variety of organizations located throughout the U.S. and Canada, including agencies within the federal government, associations and continuing education societies. ConferTel also provides a full range of conference calling services, including automated and operator-assisted phone conferencing, webcasts/videocasts, on demand replay, and voice/fax broadcast.