How To Sell Anything With Webinars Last Guide You Will Ever Need

How To Sell Anything With Webinars:
Last Guide You Will Ever Need

One of the many reasons why people, specifically businessmen and corporate professionals, use webinars is because it can be used to reach new prospects and increase sales. According to OptinMonster, 58% of marketers rely on and use webinars to promote their business, products, and services. When done right, webinars can be an effective tool to generate leads and convert them into sales. 73% of marketing and sales leaders say a webinar is the best way to generate high-quality leads. ( And recent studies show that 20% to 40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads. (Outgrow)

Though conducting webinars is not always frugal or simple, the benefits you will get by the end of the whole process are worth it. If you want to sell your products or your services in a new and fruitful way, then you should know more about how to sell with webinars.

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Elements of Creating A Webinar

Elements of Creating A Webinar

Now, conducting webinars is not the easiest thing to do, and creating one is only the start of a process. There’s a lot of elements involved in creating a webinar, but these are the main factors that will make up your webinar:

Your webinar topic

Start on your webinar topic. It should be timely, significant, and should solve a pain point for your target audience. You have to make sure that your topic can catch the attention of people and quickly provide them a glimpse of your live event. You can utilize various ways to find a topic for your webinar to be more effective. You can ask your sales reps, do keyword searches on Google, use the current trends, and more.

Your managed webinar service

The managed webinar service you will choose should have complete solutions and seamless features that will help you conduct the webinar for the audience. After all, it will contribute to the success of your webinar. Decide if you want a free or a paid webinar for extra income or if you’re considering going international or not. Your managed webinar service should be able to cater to your preferences and needs. Using a managed webinar service will also enable you to focus on the content of your webinar instead of worrying about the preparations and technicalities.

Your sales pitch

Your sales pitch for your webinar is going to be of paramount importance. You need to know just how you’re going to sell your business or your service in your webinar at just the right time and just the right reasons. Make sure to figure out your sales pitch early on as this will affect your webinar content and delivery.

Your slide presentation

After deciding on your webinar topic and creating your sales pitch, it’s time to focus on the slide presentation. This will contain most of your webinar content so you need to make sure you design your slide presentation effectively. Specifically, your presentation should be:

  • Visually-appealing
  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Consistent

Your speakers

Your webinar speakers will also play a great part in your event. Are your hosts in-house or will you be inviting other thought leaders or experts in the field? What are they going to contribute to your webinar? How will you use this to your advantage? It would help to have an advocate (who can be a client) talk about use cases of your service or product and highlight how it has solved a pain point for them. This helps endorse your service or product to your audience who are potentially in their decision-making phase and are carefully looking to buy.

Marketing Before Your Webinar

Marketing Before Your Webinar

Pre-webinar marketing is important. This is where you try to get the word out there about your webinar and make sure that your audience knows about it. If you don’t put enough attention in this stage, you won’t get as many participants as you would like and can hinder you from selling your products or services to the right people. Not to mention that webinars cost a lot. On average, the cost of webinars ranges from $100 to $3,000. (99Firms) You need to make sure you get a good return on investment. Here are a few marketing tasks to do before the webinar:

Create a registration page

First of all, you need to perfect your registration page. It should be informative, engaging, and persuasive, so that there are more chances for visitors to sign up. Here are a few details you need to include to your registration page:

  • Webinar title
  • Brief description of the webinar
  • Time and date of the webinar
  • Guest speakers and their expertise or achievements
  • Prize or reward if any (for example, a gift card or a certificate)

Craft email invites

Email remains to be one of the most effective ways of getting participants for your webinar. According to Outgrow, 57% of webinar registrations come from email, and according to WorkCast, there is a 20% increase in registrations when register invitations are sent out in the hours leading up to the event. If your webinar emails are not attractive and/or effective, your registration and attendance rate might suffer. Craft effective email invites that will convince your audience to join your webinar. Stay away from common webinar email mistakes to make sure that your emails are optimized and you’re getting quality leads. You can also apply various webinar email tactics that can increase attendance.

Work on your social media promotion

When promoting your webinar, social media is a must. According to Statista, an estimated 2.95 billion people use social media all over the world. That means your audience is most likely to be present in social media as well. Go ahead and share details about your webinar on relevant social media platforms. You can use images and promotional videos for more engagement, and you can also run ads.

Have your speakers create a blog post for your website and vice versa

Invite your speakers or guest presenters to write a blog post for your website. The topic should be connected to your webinar topic, though it should not cover all information since you want the audience to want to know more and sign up for the webinar. You can also have it vice versa: write for them and their websites. Together, you can leverage both your audiences and maximize the visibility of your webinar.

Create banners or pop-ups

Banners or pop-ups on your website will be an effective tactic in driving webinar participants. Put banners on your homepage, insert pop-up windows on your landing pages informing visitors of your upcoming webinar. You can also use this banner on social media and disseminate it onto other platforms.

Take these things into consideration and start doing them four to three weeks before the webinar to maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Tips for Webinar Presenters

Tips for Webinar Presenters

Did you know that 48% of people said that webinars were least enjoyable when there was a poor presenter? You need your presenters to know the topic inside and out and are comfortable delivering speeches, so that the audience retains your information and/or more likely to find appeal in what you’re selling.

Whether that be you or your speakers, you need to make sure your webinar presenters are more than well-equipped. Here are several tips for webinar presenters to avoid boring and non-productive webinars:

Focus on the key takeaways

You need to focus on the key takeaways of your topic, not only your slide presentation but also on your oral presentation. Don’t get sidetracked by other little details that won’t benefit your audience. Instead, give them the important ones, those that matter the most, and make sure the supporting details are indeed significant to the key takeaways.

Use visuals

Visual aids will make your presentation so much better and help you as a presenter to move forward and supply the right information to your audience. Use visuals such as images, videos, and you can even insert GIFs to break the ice from time to time. These will help your webinar stay engaging and keep your audience’s attention to you.

Be punctual

As the webinar presenter, you need to be punctual. Start on time and end on time. If the webinar is supposed to start at 11 AM and end at 12 PM, then so be it. Don’t be late, don’t wait for stragglers, and start on time. This goes to the end of the webinar as well.

Use your voice

Your voice can be powerful in delivering the webinar presentation and captivating the audience. Since they won’t be able to see you or feel your presence directly, your voice is the next best thing. Make sure your voice is loud enough for the audience to hear, but soft enough that it doesn’t seem angry. Use the right tone and emotion, and project it clearly.

Do a trial run

Most importantly, do a trial run. The worst-case scenario is that you neglect to practice, confident about your skills, only to fail in the live event. Set the time to practice delivering the webinar and presenting it to your audience. Check if your presentation looks okay on the screen, time yourself and see if the webinar is too long or too short, and see if the platform is okay.

There is a lot of pressure for webinar presenters, but the more they are prepared, the more they can go over the presentation smoothly for the audience.

Delivering Your Webinar: Do’s and Don’ts

Delivering Your Webinar Dos and Donts

As you have now deduced, delivering a webinar is not an easy task, especially if you want to advertise something in your webinar and entice your audience to buy from you or your company. According to MakeSocialMediaSell, webinars retain 40% of the viewers’ attention. This means you should do your best when delivering a webinar to make a good impression and ultimately get qualified leads. You need to be strategic and careful. Take a look at these key do’s and don’ts when delivering a webinar live:


  1. Do know your message or sales pitch inside out
  2. Do use the Q&A session wisely
  3. Do speak to your audience and address their perspective
  4. Do use positive reinforcement
  5. Do make the most of visuals
  6. Do present the audience with data
  7. Do use storytelling
  8. Do prepare for questions throughout the webinar
  9. Do make it audience-centric
  10. Do record your webinar


  1. Don’t oversell the company or product in the webinar
  2. Don’t be afraid to learn from the audience
  3. Don’t speak from memory only
  4. Don’t forget names and titles
  5. Don’t ignore the audience’s concerns and opinions
  6. Don’t rely solely on your PowerPoint presentation
  7. Don’t speak about yourself too much
  8. Don’t allow more than 3 seconds of silence
  9. Don’t disregard polling and chat features
  10. Don’t make it too long

Delivering the webinar effectively will help you win the trust and confidence of your audience. With these dos and don’ts on your minds, you’ll have no trouble selling anything with webinars.

Marketing After the Webinar

Marketing After Your Webinar

The process is not yet finished after the webinar. In fact, this is where you should put more attention and effort. About 2% to 5% of the webinar attendees will buy something from you after the webinar. (Branded Solopreneur) Marketing after the webinar will ensure that your current leads, those that are ready to buy, will turn into sales, and those that are still trying to decide will make up their minds. Simply put, this is the time for you to nurture your webinar leads and push the participants into becoming official customers. Here are a few effective ways to do so.

Send follow-up emails to participants

Follow-up emails after the webinar are important. Make sure you send one within 24 hours. It can be as simple as thanking them and reminding them of the key takeaways from your webinar and the product you’re selling. You can also craft an email sequence that will continuously send follow-up emails to your webinar leads. You can send emails with:

  • A link to the replay of the webinar
  • Materials or resources used in the presentation
  • Additional content related to the webinar
  • Service pages or product pages from your website

Offer a limited discount or promo

If you really want to be convincing, you could offer your webinar leads a limited discount or promo. This can immediately turn hot leads into sales, and it’s a way to nurture cold leads into becoming hot leads. The sense of urgency or scarcity will help these leads make their buying decisions.

Run ad campaigns

Ad campaigns are also effective, especially retargeting ads. You’ll be able to leave an impression to your audience with these kinds of ads, prompting them to know more about your service or products. Campaigns like this will have a positive impact on webinar leads.

Turn the registration page to a replay page

Another way of marketing after the webinar is turning the registration page or landing page to a replay page. Just make sure there’s an opt-in form where they’ll have to register their email before viewing the webinar replay. Did you know that WorkCast reports 94% of webinars are made available on-demand after the live event? This way you can target original non-participants, the audience who didn’t know about the webinar earlier, and new audiences that are in your niche. It’s a great way to attract increased attendees and generate more leads.

Utilize transcriptions and captions to distribute

When it comes to distributing your webinar content, you should also utilize transcriptions and captions. Transcriptions can be added to your website, which will help the search engine to index your content. Captions, on the other hand, add value to your on-demand replays or if ever you’re going to create video clips from the live webinar to share on social media. At the end of the day, both transcriptions and captions can improve your exposure for distribution.

Start utilizing webinars to sell products and services today, just like the many businesses and professionals in various industries. With this information, you’ll be able to reach new audiences, promote your goods, generate leads, and multiply the sales for your business.

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