Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Our Specialties Include:

Analyst and Investor Relations meetings
Earnings releases
Company-wide announcements/employee meetings
Legal depositions

We are pleased to bring you the finest operator-assisted conferencing service available today.

Our 'white glove' service helps structure and handle your most challenging conference calls with a scaleable, tailored solution. Whether your audience is a small team, or thousands of attendees, ConferTel brings everyone together in one effectively planned, managed and executed event.

Concierge Service Tailored for Smaller Calls Needing “High Touch” Coordination

Our professional operators can dial out to your participants, bring them into the conference, collect names, location and other data you would like us to capture, then put the participants into the conference in either a muted or unmuted state, we will manage a live Q&A if needed. We offer competitive rates, call security, detailed billing and enhanced call options to ensure you have the most successful conference call possible.

Concierge Service for Large Event Conference Calls

Our dedicated specialists are available to help you plan and execute worry-free large conferencing events from start to finish. Supporting thousands of participants, these high profile calls require knowledgeable and professional support to make sure every detail is covered and that every call is executed with precision. During your conference, an operator can control participant access, initiate Q&A sessions and monitor your call to respond immediately to requests.

Operator Dial-Out Service

Dial-out service is initiated by having an operator Dial-Out to participants and connects them directly to the conference. Our operators can dial out to International participants and bringing them into the conference. Participants are placed on music hold or into open conference until all parties arrive.

Dial-In Service

Dial-In conferences enable participants to dial a toll-paid or toll-free telephone number to join the meeting. A registration list will be used to verify admission (verified), or a coordinator will solicit participant names for entry (unverified). All participants dial the designated conference phone number at the scheduled time, an operator greets and gathers any requested information, then places them into the conference.

Call Hub Visual Call Monitoring

Identify who’s on your call with all data that was captured during registration. Pre-conference call monitoring confirms that VIP’s are aboard before starting your call. The Call Hub can also be used to pre-qualify and prioritize the Q & A queue, based on participant identity.

Pre/Post-Conference (Green Room)

Segregates the presenters from the conference participants. Pre-conference enables last minute confidential coordination and scripting between the presenters and operator. Post-conference allows the presenter team to debrief privately following the call.

Participant Surveys and Polling

Conduct pre-conference surveys from recorded questions (e.g. “How many listeners are at your location?”). Or take participant polls during or after the presentation. Results are immediately available to the moderator via the ConferenceView call monitoring feature as well as the Call Summary email. Results can be shared with participants or remain confidential.

Concierge Services Included

Our dedicated specialists will provide speaker training, rehearsal and pre-conference coordination. The operator opens the call with a pre-approved script introducing the call and speakers. Pre-notification and participant screening is available along with a custom branded greeting to welcome attendees.

Conference Recording and Replay

Have your conference calls digitally recorded for immediate playback—24/7. Your call is available to those who missed it live or for those who want to hear important content again. Listeners can pause, rewind and fast forward. You can also download the recording and post it on your web site.

Online Registration

Bearing your company logo and accessible from your web site or email invitation, online registration helps you manage attendee registration quickly and efficiently. Captures user-defined participant data attributes for easy identification with Q&A, polling and attendance reporting.

Q&A with Priority Queuing

Participants can ask questions by simply pressing a touchtone command and are placed in queue in the order received. The moderator can view all requests, identified by participant name, affiliation, and other data attributes and can elect to take the ‘next’ question in queue or select another. All callers remain muted except for the active question.

Integrated Web/Video Presentation

A high impact browser-based presentation tool that visually enhances your conference with PowerPoint and live video. The audience can see the presenter via a live video window embedded in the slideshow. Control of the presentation and video window can be passed among speakers.

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