Record and Replay

Recording and Replay Benefits:

Start/stop recording at any time
Recording can be initiated by any touch-tone phone
Playback simply by dialing into a toll-free number
Save your recording for permanent access

Recording and Replay

ConferTel’s recording feature allows you to activate recording at any time during your conference call. All recordings are digital and accessible via a toll-free number. Cost is $15 and includes 180 days of storage on our secured servers for unlimited access. Replay the recording via a touch-tone phone for only $0.15 per minute of actual listening time. Start and stop replay as often as you want.

Benefits to using the Recording and Replay Feature

  • Start recording at any time during a conference call.
  • Control as you record by pausing and resuming recording.
  • Recording can be initiated by any touch-tone phone.
  • Playback toll-free via phone access, start, stop, rewind and fast forward at your control using touch-tone commands on the phone keypad.
  • Save your recording as an audio link to be downloaded to your computer for permanent access.

Benefits of Having a Recording Saved as an Audio Link

Access — Download wav file to your computer for listening at your leisure. Place the file on your web site as a hyperlink for others that were unable to attend the conference call. Save to CD to distribute.

Compatibility — Audio file can be listened to an any MP3 player including iPods or directly from your computer using iTunes, RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

Permanent Record of Call — Save recording to a CD for permanent archive.

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