On-Demand Conferencing — Moderator Telephone Controls

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The moderator can control various aspects of the conference simply by pressing the keys on the telephone keypad. Please contact us or call us at 866.930.4500 at any time if you have questions or need assistance, or if you would like to schedule training for yourself or additional moderators.

Moderator Keypad Functions:

  • 1# — Initiate Moderator Dial-Out (see below)
  • 2# — Start/Sub/Post-Conference + Conference Lock
  • 3# — Broadcast Mode (toggle on/off)
  • 4# — Self-Mute (toggle on/off)
  • 5# — Roll Call
  • 6# — Record the Conference (Toggle on/off)
  • 7# — Replay into Conference
  • 8# — Participant Count
  • 9# — End Conference
  • 0# — Operator Assistance

1# — Dial-Out (Adding a New Participant)

  • Press 1# to remove your line from the conference. You will be prompted for domestic (U.S. and Canada) (1) or International (2).
  • For domestic, dial the ten digit number (do not dial 1 first). For International, dial 011 followed by the country code, phone number and then press #.
  • Once you are connected with the party to be added, press ## to bring them in as a participant. Press 00# to bring them in as a moderator.
    Or, press ** to disconnect them and return to the conference.

2# — Start/Sub/Post Conference + Conference Lock

The Moderator(s) are initially placed in a pre-conference room (participants are on music-hold). The Moderator may start the conference at any time by pressing 2#. The 2# can thereafter be used to sub-conference, post-conference or lock the conference.

3# — Broadcast Mode – Conference Mute/Unmute (toggle on/off)

The Moderator can mute all participants, other than the moderator, by pressing 3 #. Participants will remain in ‘Listen Only’ (broadcast) mode until the Moderator presses 3 # again.

4# — Self-Mute (toggle on/off)

Any participant may self-mute themselves by pressing 4 # on their own phone. In this mode they will hear the discussion, but will not be heard, until they press 4 # again to unmute themselves.

5# — Roll Call (if enabled)

The moderator may press 5 # to hear the names of all participants. The roll call can be played to everyone in the conference or for the moderator only.

6# — Recording (Toggle on/off)

The moderator may choose to begin recording the call at any time by pressing 6 # and following the prompts to confirm their decision. Participants are notified before recording begins. Recording can be stopped at any time by pressing 6 #.

8# — Participant Count

The conference will be advised of the total number of participants if the moderator presses 8 #.

9# — End Conference (terminate all participants or moderator only)

By default, each conference will continue until the last participant hangs up. The moderator may terminate the conference at any time by pressing 9 #.

0# — Operator Assistance

If a Moderator or participant needs assistance they may press 0 # at any time and they will be connected to a ConferTel operator. By pressing # # they can return themselves to the conference.

To playback your recorded conference:

  • Dial the ConferTel Instant Replay Line at (800) 852-7509.
  • When prompted, enter the Recording Code followed by the # on the phone keypad.
  • Playback begins immediately.
The recorded conference is available immediately following the conference call. The Moderator is emailed a confirmation of the recorded conference containing the Recording Code, with instructions for audio replay and transfer of the digital audio file.

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