Audio Conferencing – Troubleshooting

ConferTel conference calling is based on an underlying North American telecommunications infrastructure that is inherently accessible and stable. Nevertheless, there are variables external to our platform such as participant telephone equipment and originating phone lines that could, in rare circumstances, compromise the quality of your conference and our recommendations to these issues are provided below.

• Audio Quality
• Access Issues
• Operator Assistance

• Quality Assurance Survey
• 100% Guarantee

Audio Quality

ConferTel takes great pride in its superior “next room” sound clarity and presence. Our dedicated conference network employs full duplex digital bridging, engineered to prevent clipping and audio degradation. Our conference platform utilizes enhanced hardware and software noise suppression. However, in order to present the purest possible sound reproduction, we do not filter individual participant lines which can carry static or ambient noise into the conference. If you experience a sound quality issue it is likely from an external source (a participant line or telephone equipment) and you can take the following actions to isolate and correct the issue:

  • Our platform optimizes sound definition and typically performs well in compromised audio environments. However, should you experience disruptive audio, it is likely caused by:· Wireless phones (cell, cordless and mobile) prone to static and feedback.
    · Speakerphones pick up ambient noise and half-duplex clipping.
    · Driving and public phones magnify ambient noise and interference.
  • If you believe a sound issue may be from a single source based on the timing of that caller’s entrance into conference or distortion when that caller speaks, have that caller mute himself through his own equipment or the participant 4# control (toggle on and off). If that resolves the issue and the caller needs to be un-muted, he can switch to a different phone instrument or redial into conference (he will come in on a different line). In the case of continuing noise from a participant phone (e.g. interference from a speakerphone) have the participant switch mode or instruments or keep themselves muted except when speaking.
  • If you’re still not able to isolate the sound issue, the moderator can mute all participant lines simultaneously with the 3# control (toggle on and off). If the noise disappears, it is external to the conference platform. If the issue is disruptive enough and you cannot continue in the muted mode, you should advise your participants to reconnect to the conference, and terminate the call with the 9#. This will refresh all participant lines and the conference portal.

Access Issues

ConferTel’s scalable conference platform ensures that there will always be available conference ports and resources. However, on the rare occasion that a participant receives a busy signal or has an inability to connect to a conference, it is likely a localized event based on the originating local exchange provider or carrier network. If you become aware of such an access issue, the Moderator can dial-out and bring that participant into conference with a 1# followed by a ## (double-pound) once connected.

Operator Assistance

If you need assistance, the moderator can dial 0# at any time from within the conference and will be connected to a ConferTel Operator on a private line. Once your issue is resolved or question answered you can return to your conference with a ** (double-star).

Quality Assurance Survey

We value and appreciate your feedback and strive to continually improve our conference platform and service. The QA Survey is a great way to communicate with us while on your call (within the Conference Room) or immediately following (Call Summary link). We encourage you to take a quick moment, whether you’re passing on a compliment, critical assessment or improvement suggestion, to let us know how your conference went and how well we are serving you. This is especially important if you are a new customer or Moderator. We want to ensure that each and every conference is successful and that you have the tools and understanding to get the most out of our service. As the next section attests, our objective is 100% Satisfaction and we need your help to reach this goal.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment to you is that we will do everything in our power to meet or exceed your conferencing expectations. We strive not merely to retain your business but to earn it on a daily basis by continuing to outperform our competition in quality and service. If you are ever dissatisfied by the quality of our service, please allow us to credit the cost of your call to the extent you feel is appropriate.

Thank you for using ConferTel.