6 Ways to Get More Webinar Sign Ups


Second only to white papers, Webinars are one of the most popular techniques for lead generation in a B2B marketing environment. Accordingly, it is extremely important that the landing/registration page for your invitation is well written and easy for the attendees to sign up and scan through the information.

This heatmap is from an exclusive study MarketingSherpa conducted with real-life business executives. The goal — to determine how you can design webinar registration pages to get better results. The red and yellow areas indicate where the eye travels first, while the green spots are noticed next.

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6 Helpful Tactics to Improve Webinar Registration

#1. First impressions only happen once. Because of this, the first word in every headline and paragraph have more influence over response rates. After the content is written, go back and see what impression these words give. Are they powerful enough?

#2. Repeat, repeat, repeat. This is important for any and all key points, specifically the Webinar topic. Don’t count on the prospect reading every line carefully. Instead rely on the fact they will be scanning the document. Place key words and phrases carefully and make them present no matter where their eye might land.

#3. Two-column formatting can be a double edge sword. It seems to work when both the informational copy and registration form are above the fold. On the other hand, stay away from two columns of text only copy, as this print-design layout never does well on online formats. Definitely test it first.

#4. Using a third-column- i.e. a vertical navigation bar can be harmful for the response rate. Having unrelated offers above the fold can stray attention away from your invitation’s key points. The less click options equal higher response rates.

#5. Bullet points are a great tool to use. It lets the reader scan the information with ease and gets the key points across very effectively.

#6. Create large “Sign Up Today!” button and/or a bold “Register Now’ link. Don’t assume the participants will know how to sign up. Make it clear and easy.


Keep in mind, Webinars are a great tool for lead generation in a B2B marketing environment. Because of this, it is crucial to have an invitation landing/registration page with the key points in the headlines, an eye pleasing layout with not too much distraction combined with a fool-proof registration process.

After a few runs all the kinks should be working themselves out and the attendees will be signing up time and time again for each invitation.

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