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Reliable, Easy MultiMedia Conferencing Anytime…

We offer robust, feature-rich audio and web conferencing services, enabling businesses and organizations access to simple, powerful ways to conduct meetings, seminars and events.

We understand that getting multiple people into one room for a meeting often means juggling schedules, incurring travel expenses, and spending valuable time getting to your destination. With ConferTel’s Audio and Web Conferencing, you can set up an online web based meeting to communicate news and exchange information anytime, anywhere. Hold regular meetings with remote workers, train new hires, and make presentations just as you would in person, reducing travel expenses and saving you time.

Use ConferTel’s Audio and Web Conferencing Service and Experience:

check Fully automated, on-demand, toll-free audio conferencing with crystal clear clarity and 24/7 availability

check Full-featured web conferencing including application sharing,
online presentations, collaboration, recording and more

check Reduced travel costs and increased productivity

check Enhanced visual presentation impact

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ConferTel’s pricing is a simple, inexpensive per minute charge, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. No term contract is necessary; we earn your business on every call. There are no additional fees or charges. At ConferTel, we’ll save you money while providing a better service – guaranteed. There are no scheduling or cancellation fees.