Webinars are erroneously considered dead marketing lead generation tactics by some marketers. This incorrect idea caused a significant reduction in the number of businesses and individual marketers who use these to convert prospects into subscribers over the past few years. The truth is, if correctly implemented, these are among the most cost-effective ways to generate highly convertible traffic for your business.

Webinars continue to help businesses in promoting relevant discussions and to inspire conversations among their ideal prospects and existing customers. This usually results to significant viral marketing results and higher than usual customer acquisition rates for businesses that do this right. However, how exactly can you make your webinars stand out from all the noise in the social media platforms and content publishing networks frequented by your target customers? Read on to learn about the most cost-effective tactics to use webinars for supplementing your online sales and marketing campaigns.

Top 5 Ways to Host Useful Webinars in 2018

Webinars are still effective in generating better brand positioning results and higher sales margins. The problem is, many webinars aren’t optimized to produce these intended consequences. On the contrary, an excellent one can educate your target prospects, promote your brand across your ideal market segments, and can also generate more interest in your newest products. To help you out, here are the top 5 ways that many businesses use to successfully take advantage of cost-effective webinars for their sales and marketing campaigns this 2018:

  1. Deliver Excellent ContentNo one would want to view, share, and talk about subpar content. If you’re promoting a product, develop captivating content that can entice and compel your target viewers to positively respond to your webinars. To do this, don’t forget to perform extensive market research so as to clearly understand your audience and the exact content they’re likely to want to learn about your brand and latest offers. Excellent content will be fundamental in establishing your brand as an authority expert resource of useful products not found elsewhere. Getting cool, helpful content can be quite straightforward today. Your marketing team can significantly help determine how and which types of content you should develop for your webinars.
  2. Choose Proper Webinar Formats With a primary topic in mind, you should break it down into more comprehensible chunks. How your target audiences understand the entire content of your webinars will depend on the format you pick. Basing on the relevant interests of your ideal viewers, you should choose a single presentation format, which is where one expert can share the most important points of your webinar. You can also go with dual presentation experts, allowing you to share more information. Other webinar formats include using a panel, Q&A webinars, and live product demonstrations.
  3. Deliver Excellent Audio Quality After prioritizing the usefulness of your content and packaging it in the most suitable format for your target audience, don’t forget to ensure the highest possible audio quality of your presentations. This is vital for a successful webinar. Many businesses don’t take this seriously. Remember, for your ideal viewers to understand your webinar content, they should be able to clearly hear your presentations. You need a professional microphone, a fast and reliable Internet connection, a clear voice, interesting sound effects, and soothing background music for certain parts of your presentations. So, don’t forget that audio design is among the most important factors that can make or break a webinar.
  4. Try Out a Co-Marketing Webinar - Joining forces with a B2B (business to business) partner or an affiliate that offers supplemental products in your cross-sales or up-sales campaigns can often produce significant results from your webinars. Aside from your partners being able to successfully promote your webinars across their target audiences that have relevant interests in your products, this can integrate distinct topics of discussions throughout your webinars which, in turn, can  keep your viewers interested in viewing your presentations.
  5. Try Something Different Aside From Using PowerPoint Presentations -Most viewers are already accustomed to webinars with PowerPoint presentations. Generally, it’s fine to include a few of these in certain sections of your webinars. However, try to integrate something unique into your overall webinar content. Instead of just sticking to the same script, from start to end, find alternative ways to keep your audience interested in what you have to say. You could build your webinar around some of the most frequently asked questions of your target customers.

Webinars are still powerful methods to drive more traffic and convert your prospects into subscribers and paying customers. However, keep in mind that you must create your webinars as professionally as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be unlikely for many of your target viewers to pay attention to what you have to say.