Investment calls, particularly earnings calls, are essential to keep your company running and to attract investors and the public. It’s all the more reason to ensure that your earnings calls and other financial calls run as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, one such way you can refine these types of calls is by getting an operator. And operator assistance is precisely what an earnings conference call needs. 

Investopedia defines earnings calls as a way for companies to relay information to all interested parties. This includes institutional and individual investors, as well as various analysts, people in media, and more. This quarterly financial call presents the chance for the company’s management team to report the financial performance of the current quarter as well as projected earnings growth. Investors can join in and listen to the conference call and have the opportunity to come forward and ask questions.

If you’re the CEO or part of the top-level management team of a public company set to host earnings calls every quarter, it makes perfect sense that you get operator assistance from your conferencing provider.

A professional operator can lead you from start to finish and be with you through the highs and lows of the call. They can also help you keep things in order so that you can present all the needed information to your audience in a smooth manner. Operator assistance is something you do not want to miss. 

Here are the benefits of having operator-assisted quarterly financial calls:

Dial-Out and Dial-In Assistance

Dial-out service refers to the operator dialing out to participants to connect them directly to the conference. This makes it easier for your participants to join the call without any conflict. With this, the operator can ensure that the important investors or analysts are present in your financial call. 

Meanwhile, dial-in service allows participants to dial a toll-paid or toll-free telephone number to join the meeting. Operators can greet your participants with a custom message and ask for necessary details before placing them into the call. 

Pre or Post Conference

Pre- or post-conference can be favorable for earnings conference calls. This gives the company’s top-level management a chance to meet and strategize before the call or to review the session afterwards. Your operator can help you set up these pre- or post-conferences and ensure all details remain confidential with the necessary members of the management team. 

Live Q&A with Moderator

An earnings conference call typically ends with a question and answer session. Participants of the call can come forward and pitch their questions to the management team. This can be anything from projected growth, current financial status, company performance, any issues that require elaboration, or more. This is the time when the company management can explain themselves, highlight achievements and particular milestones of the quarter, or ease the doubts of current and prospecting investors.

It’s easy for the Q&A session to spiral and get a little out of control. Without someone to moderate, one of the most important parts of the earnings call can derail and confuse participants even further. Operator assistance can keep things in check, keep the session moving forward, and guide the company and participants in a meaningful and productive Q&A session. 

Conference Recording and Replay

Earnings calls are usually expected to be recorded, transcribed, and posted online. Because of this, it’s essential that you do not forget to record your session for replaying and transcribing. It’s also imperative that you make sure you are recording the session with clear audio and little interruption.

Your operator can easily do this for you. They’ll record the conference call and troubleshoot technical difficulties if the need arises. They can ensure that your audio recording is clear and ready to be published or transcribed. 

Get ConferTel Operator-Assisted Conferencing

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