Starting an online event involves several tasks like choosing the best webinar topic, inviting guests, and promoting on social media which can take weeks or months. When your webinar is finally over, you would want to know if your webinar did well or if it was worth the time preparing and hosting it. 

It’s difficult to measure the success of your event if the only insight you have is your own. Therefore, a post-webinar survey is essential for evaluating overall attendee satisfaction as it allows you to understand how the sponsors, stakeholders, and attendees perceived your webinar.

Asking the right questions is the key, so here are 8 important questions you must include in your post-webinar survey.

1. How would you rate the event?

This is likely the first and most crucial question in almost all post-webinar surveys. It’s also a terrific entry point when answering the specific questions that follow. This lets you determine how much your attendees liked your online event, so you must pose this question using a scaled format. You're doing something well if they appreciated it while you need to implement changes if they didn’t enjoy it.  

2. What part of the webinar did you like the most?

This question helps you figure out what parts of the event are worth repeating in the future. Keep an account of each point and count how many times it was brought up. Rank the votes from most to least and give importance to the winners in the next webinar. Use an open-ended format for this question and let attendees tell what part they appreciated most and why.

3. What can we improve on?

Being aware of your flaws enables you to learn from them. The point of asking for feedback is to learn what’s working and not, so avoid writing surveys that coerce respondents to put only positive reviews. Instead, let them know you value their perspectives and incorporate their suggestions into your future event.

4. Will you join our future events?

This is crucial since it reflects the extent to which the survey participant is enthused about your webinar. Compare these figures to the actual number of participants who join your next virtual event. While plans are subject to change, expect the majority of them to come back. If not, re-evaluate what changes you need to make.

5. Will you share this event with a friend?

It's not enough for the audience to just admire your virtual event; do they like your presentation enough to tell their friends about it? The genuine test of your audiences’ interest and your webinar’s effectiveness is to find out whether they’d recommend your webinar to a colleague. Take this opportunity to send referral links and give special offers so that you can broaden your reach and increase your attendance.

6. What topics would you want to see at our future events?

Ask what topics they want to hear and formulate your next webinar with their suggestions in mind. Knowing the next webinar topic early on can also give you ample time to invite the appropriate speaker and promote the webinar.

7. How did you learn about this event?

The primary goal of this question is to determine how guests first learned about your event. Use the data from this survey question to figure out which marketing channels are most effective and where you need to focus more.

8. How easy was it to navigate the platform?

Discover if your attendees liked your webinar platform and how easy it was to navigate. Also, you want to know whether they had any difficulty logging in, viewing the presentation, or sending files.

Your audiences’ feedback on your online event has merit; therefore accept and apply them to create better events in the future. Always keep in mind that you're attempting to provide value to your audiences so that they'll continue to attend your webinars and potentially become advocates of your brand.