Webinar promotion covers a lot of ground. As someone who produces webinars as a part of a business strategy, you must learn to handle all these. However, there are a few things in webinar promoting that you should give extra attention to. If you take the time to organize these things well, they can affect the success of your virtual events.

How to promote your webinar?

Determine the target audience

Define your audience right away. If you know your audience, everything will click into place. Your audience will be your foundation, allowing you to shape and maintain the details of the webinar. With the audience in mind, you’ll be able to define what value or information you will be sharing with them, how your marketing approach is going to be, and more.

Choose the format

The webinar format is another important thing to consider. Most people would go with the usual setup, and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it also wouldn’t hurt to deviate from the norm. You can go with interview-type webinars, panel discussion webinars, Q&A webinars, and more.

Pick a topic

trending topicsYour webinar topic jumpstarts your webinar. It should be timely and relevant to you and the audience. It should have an eye-catching title and should be able to provide the audience with new and unique information. Choose a webinar topic that will entice your intended audience.

Your topic should be broad enough to appeal to a big audience while still being specific enough to provide actionable advice that participants can put into practice as soon as they leave your webinar.

Use a managed webinar service

Another essential item you should add to your webinar planning checklist is the managed webinar service. Look for those that have complete solutions or specific features that will help you facilitate your chosen type of webinar. Choose a webinar service that fits you and your audience’s needs well because it can affect the webinar experience.

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Send an invitation

close up hand using phone sending messages to other peopleCreating the webinar invite is the start of your promotion. The design should immediately get the attention of the audience. The content should explain what they’re going to achieve in this session and provide all the necessary details such as the topic, time, date, speakers, and other information.

Utilize email marketing

composing email on laptopYou might think email marketing is becoming a little old school, but in fact, it’s still quite effective. Marketers who used targeted email campaigns saw an increase in revenue of 760%, and 87% of B2B marketers consider email campaigns as one of the top organic distribution channels.

This proves that webinar producers still rely on email marketing to promote their webinar events and they find success in doing so. Make sure to utilize your email lists, personalize those emails, and include the webinar invites.

Leverage social media

man using laptop showing social network on screenYour social media promotion is also an essential promotional tactic that will help you attract an audience. Like email marketing, social media marketing is also an effective strategy, especially when your target audience consists of millennials and tech-savvy people.

Share all the details on Facebook (you can even create an event to make it easier for people to see the details and to RSVP), tweet a few things about it, and you can share it on LinkedIn and more.

Remember to keep your audience in mind throughout your webinar promotion planning process, from using a managed webinar service to choosing a webinar topic to sending invitations. The more you get them right, the more your virtual events will succeed.

Give Me A Conference Number To Use At My Convenience