A great webinar starts with a great topic. Careful webinar management and a great managed webinar service are of import, yes, but it’s the topic that will be viewed by the audience first. If your webinar topic is not catching enough attention, does not seem like it’s relevant or useful to the audience, or doesn’t seem like it will offer unique insights, you may be in trouble. 

Now, finding a great webinar topic will not be easy. However, if you know who to talk to, what to look for, or what tools to use, you’ll be able to find a topic that will immediately attract the audience. 

Here are excellent ways of finding a topic for your next webinar:

1. Do keyword searches on Google

Perhaps the easiest and most common way of finding a webinar topic is to do a simple keyword search on Google. This gives you an idea of what people are searching for and on the internet, what kind of problems they’re mostly having. Once you have the results, you can use them to formulate a webinar topic that will surely cater to your intended audience. 

2. Check current popular blog posts

Apart from keyword searches, you can also check the popular blog posts from various trusted brands and companies, thought leaders, and even influencers and bloggers in your industry. Not only will this give you an idea of what people in your industry are currently talking about, but this will also help you gain the proper perspective for a great webinar topic. You can also check your own blog posts. See what comments did the readers leave, what topics are getting the most views and likes,  and more. 

3. Talk to sales reps 

Your sales representatives will be an effective key to finding a topic for your next webinar. Being the sales reps means they talk to your customers and leads all the time. They would know all about their wants and needs, their struggles, and more. Talk to them and use this knowledge to come up with a webinar topic that will entice your current customers and prospects. 

4. Check the current trends

It’s also good to check the current trends in your industry. See what new updates or products are they talking about now, and find an angle in which you can offer your expertise or your service or products. Using the current trends as a basis for your next webinar topic will let you stay relevant and updated. Apart from that, it will also garner a lot of interest and exposure for your webinar. 

5. Refer to the previous webinar survey

Finding a topic for your next webinar also means you can make use of your previous webinar surveys. With these, you’ll be able to check the comments and feedbacks of the participants, and most importantly, their expectations in your next webinar. Analyze all the answers in the survey and you should be able to form a great webinar topic. 

6. Answer your frequently asked questions

Apart from the past webinar surveys, you can also refer to your frequently asked questions to decide on a new topic. You can use this chance to answer your FAQs and let participants know more about your products and services. 

7. Take a look at book reviews

Another way to find a topic for your next webinar is to take a look at book reviews. This might seem unconventional, but it can be an effective form of research. Look for the books related to your business or industry on Amazon and check out the reviews. Specifically, the three-star reviews. See what the audience is saying; what did they find lacking? what information do they particularly want to see? What are they struggling with? What kind of help are they specifically asking for? Collect all the information available from these reviews and let these guide you in forming a topic for your next webinar.