The answer to that depends on a number of factors, which essentially all tie back to “what is it worth to your audience”?

Before they sign up for the webinar your prospective audience is asking themselves:  “What’s in It For Me?”  And if the answer to that question isn’t really compelling – they won’t register regardless of the price. When you’re marketing your event, see if you can translate the benefit that the attendees will receive, into a dollar value, in either cost savings or additional revenue.

As for what certain organizations charge, we see Bar Associations charging members $125 and non-members $150 for a 90-minute Continuing Legal Education Program. I see religious groups charging $49 for a 60-minute presentation. If the presentation is for professional credit – you will be able to charge more because your audience has to get the credit one way or the other – and sitting at their desk is a lot simpler than travelling.

For general education events (which are not for credit), the price point is generally between $50 – $90, but we’ve seen it much higher.

But no matter what I can say is this – If your content is compelling and has value, people won’t quibble about 10 bucks here or there. Just keep your topic narrow and deep – that’s where the value is. General information – people can get anywhere and for free most times.

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