Imagine this: You open your computer and get on your Facebook account. As you're scrolling through your timeline, you see a webinar for growing businesses’ audience being advertised by a sponsored page. You take a second to look at the comments section then move along. You open your Twitter account next, and this time you see a webinar about research strategies being advertised by one of your mutual followers. You hit the like button then continue on. Last but not least, you open your email and see a new webinar invite that was sent by a local business you support. You register immediately without a second's hesitation. Your mind is boggled. Are there really that many webinars all around you?

Truthfully, yes.

So many people and businesses across various industries are doing webinars nowadays. In fact, in a study last 2017, the top five industries that produced the most webinars include Software & Technology, Financial Services, Consulting, Education, and Healthcare. Businessmen, professionals, and organizations from these industries all try to utilize webinars one way or another, and they wouldn’t be doing this if the results weren't so effective. 

But why is that? Why are webinars so effective? And what gives them the versatility to break barriers across different fields and industries?

Here are 7 reasons why webinars work well for any company:

#1 They cut across geographical barriers. 

In-person seminars oftentimes hinder the attendance of people from remote locations, different states, and different countries. As a result, this lessens your chance to share valuable information or raise awareness to a wide range of audiences that may otherwise be interested. With webinars, however, these geographical barriers are eliminated and people from different locations can now attend webinars without any hassle. As most companies nowadays are competing to not only make it locally but also globally, a suitable platform that makes distance irrelevant is the perfect solution for company growth.

#2 They are less expensive.

Webinars require less equipment (only a stable internet connection and a computer or a laptop), are accessed via the Internet (no need to travel or book lodgings), and do not need organizers (your managed webinar service will handle everything from the registration to the payment processing, to the closed captions, the presentation features, and the automated certificates). All of these mean that conducting a webinar is a lot less expensive for both the hosts and the attendees. It becomes even more convenient when you don't have the biggest budget to begin with.

#3 They are a great marketing tool. 

Webinars can be a part of a business marketing strategy, one that will boost exposure or raise brand awareness, generate leads, and create sales. This is why a lot of marketers turn to webinars and why businesses like to utilize them. 58% of marketers use webinars for promotion and recent studies say that 20%-40% of attendees turn into qualified leads. It sure beats pitching your case to a person on the street who isn't interested, that's for sure.

#4 They help establish you as a thought leader.

Webinars allow you to share your expertise in your field, and with every webinar, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader. A thought leader is someone who is recognized as an authority or a trusted source in a specific field. People value the opinions and ideas of thought leaders and often consider them as inspirations. So, the more you are known as a thought leader, the more people will trust you and your brand.

Becoming a thought leader for a particular sector or field is a goal that all companies should strive for. Credibility plays a hand in making sales and eventually making lifelong customers.

#5 They allow you to find new and diverse guest speakers.

Unlike in-person seminars, webinars allow you to find new and diverse speakers that can help add value and credibility to your event. Since there are no geographical barriers and it’s far less expensive, you have the opportunity to discover and invite guest speakers with new knowledge, speakers with a unique edge, promising experts in your field, and more. And when you invite these diverse speakers, you are inadvertently inviting their audience to attend as well, thus increasing turn out in a way that you normally wouldn't be able to obtain. 

#6 They let you understand your audience.

Apart from generating leads or boosting brand awareness, webinars are also an excellent way of knowing your audience. With an engaging presentation, interactive polls, and well-managed Q&A sessions, you’ll be able to further understand your audience and target market. You can learn more about their pain points, their wants, and desires. Using this collected data, you can then adjust and improve your products and services, so that you can serve customers better and ultimately gain a competitive advantage. The consumer has a key role in driving business after all.

#7 They add income. 

You will also be able to earn extra income with webinars, specifically paid webinars. A paid webinar is where participants pay a fee to attend your webinar or gain access to additional content and on-demand viewing. This is beneficial as you can earn upfront, grow your email lists, and expand your marketing strategy. While not everyone will be willing to pay for a webinar, if you make it worth their while, there is definitely a possibility for a big profit.

Keep these things in mind the next time you second-guess about conducting webinars. Think about how effective it can be for you and your audience and just how much you can get from it. Hey, maybe you can do it too.