It’s no secret that you use webinars as a tool for marketing, for generating leads, for attracting sales. But that doesn’t mean you should make it all about yourself or your business. Remember that your audience should be the top priority when it comes to conducting webinars and it’s all about them and their needs. Overpromoting your business won’t do you any good. What you should be doing is making sure that you focus on the audience—that you sympathize with them, engage with them, and educate them. Here are five effective ways of making your webinars audience-centric:

1. Send a pre-webinar survey

Surveys are usually sent out after the webinar as part of the webinar follow-up. However, you could also utilize a pre-webinar survey that will help you understand the audience and cater to their expectations of the webinar. Have a survey on the registration page, or send it out together with the confirmation email or reminder email before the webinar. This way, you get to assess their wants and needs, their expectations, and their curiosities. All of this information can help you relate to them and provide tailored content with the right answers and information. 

2. Make use of polls and live chats

Your managed webinar service will have useful features such as polls and live chats for the live session. Make use of this as much as possible. Polls are not only interactive, but also informative. They allow the audience to participate and let them make their pain points known. This also applies to live chats. These will keep your audience engaged and help you understand their point of views better. Best of all is that you could use polls and live chats to gather information or to just break the ice and have your audience feel welcomed. 

3. Make your audience interact with each other

Apart from getting the audience to talk with you and you to them, you could also make them interact with one another. You can achieve this through breakout sessions where you can group them and place them into different breakout rooms. You can assign them activities related to the webinar, ask them questions as a group, have them solve a puzzle or a problem, and more. Having a webinar platform with breakout room features is an advantage to you when it comes to this. 

4. Make the webinar mobile-friendly

There will be times when your participants are on the go and will have no time to get in front of a computer. In this case, their mobile phones and other devices are their next best option. Your webinar presentation should be mobile-friendly and the session should be easily accessible through mobile devices. This way, your audience will still be able to participate in your webinar. 

5. Create an engaging webinar content

Most important of all, and the most undeniable way to make your webinars more audience-centric is to create an engaging webinar content. If your webinar content is dull and uninspiring at its best, that narrows down your chances of getting the people involved and motivated. Design your webinar slide presentation properly, make sure the content is relevant to the audience and that it speaks to them, insert a couple of questions or ice-breakers for the audience, and more. Your content is a great tool you can utilize to make sure that your audience is the main focus of your webinar. 

Making sure your webinars are focused on the audience is how you’ll win their trust and achieve your goals for your business. Keep these things in mind to make sure you’re not selling yourself too much in these webinars.