man looking at a webinar slide presentation

The webinar slide presentation is a powerful instrument. Next to the speaker and the webinar platform, the presentation is the most crucial thing in conducting and managing a webinar. After all, it is the medium in which the speaker imparts his knowledge to the audience.

Nowadays, there are various managed webinar services with world-class presentation features that can help you discuss the topic at hand. However, it’s up to you to make sure that your slides are stellar so that your webinar participants are engaged with the topic, interact with you, and absorb the whole discussion.

Here are valuable tips to help you design your webinar slide presentations: 

Insert a photo of yourself

In the introduction of the presentation, before you formally start the discussion, include a photo of yourself. This can help your audience visualize you since you won’t be seeing face-to-face for the webinar. You can also use this as a way to introduce yourself and briefly mention your achievements and credentials. 

Stick to a theme or a template

It also helps to stick to your chosen theme or template. These will help make your webinar presentation look professional, orderly, and cohesive. 

Don’t put blocks of texts

This is perhaps the most important thing to do when creating webinar slide presentations: don’t include infinite blocks of texts. Your audience will not be able to fully absorb the information, and instead, they’ll tire of looking at your presentation easily. 

Use bullet points instead of whole paragraphs. You can also choose to include only one or two sentences in the slides, focusing on the key message of the text. 

Use visually appealing graphs and charts to represent data

slide presentation - graphs

When presenting data and facts, use graphs and charts instead of plain text. This can make your presentation much more interesting and engaging for the audience. They’re simple and concise, but can also be pleasant and appealing to the eyes. Information will be easier to digest when data is showcased appropriately.

Utilize photos, videos, and other multimedia

It’s also a great idea to utilize multimedia in your webinar presentation, including photos, videos, audio, or more. They can lighten the mood, hold your audience’s attention, offer additional insight, help you communicate your message, and keep your audiences ready to participate.

Make sure you don’t bombard them with too much though, otherwise your slides won’t look as professional as it should. Include just the right amount of multimedia to supply the proper information to your audience. 

Highlight words or details to give emphasis

slide presentation - highlights

Another way to keep the webinar participants focused on your presentation is by highlighting words or sentences to give emphasis on the significant details. Their eyes will immediately be drawn to these and help them absorb information quickly.

Try to limit slide animations

Slide animations are fun, however, it is best not to use too much animation in your slide presentation. Not only can it be distracting to the audience, there’s also the fact that they do not display well in some monitors. Stick to the simple ones and don’t use them in every slide. 

Have special slides for idle times or activities

slide presentation - Q&A

Make sure you also insert slides specifically made for idle times or activities to hold your audience’s attention. Don’t leave your slide presentation blank or irrelevant at certain activities for your participants or even the Q&A session. 


Your presentation is your main tool to communicate your message to the participants, so you better be confident that they will love it. Keep these tips in mind the next time you do a slide presentation for your webinar!

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